Process for Scheduling a Reading

  • Select a Session Type

    Select the session you would like to book with Joan from the options on the Readings page

  • Select Your Time

    Select your time slot on Joan’s calendar. If there aren’t any available simply send us an email to and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Send Us Your Pet's Details

    Once you’ve selected your time you’ll be directed to a form you can submit with all your animal companion’s information and their image for the call.

  • Check Your Email and Join Your Call

    Once you’ve submitted all your information you’ll receive an email with your call information. Add it to your calendar and join the call at your scheduled time!

Weekly Course Breakdown

WEEK 1: In a safe atmosphere, I’ll explain the ins and outs of animal communication, walk you through a guided meditation, and talk to the first animal in our series - my horse, Gabrielle.

WEEK 2: This teaching is more advanced than the week before as we talk to another animal – my dog Delilah.

WEEK 3: This week you’ll receive two calls. A Medical Intuition call on scanning an animal for medical issues. Then join me with my cat, Henry, for more insight into animal communication.

WEEK 4: We’ll dive into more advanced animal communication and full body scans with my horse, Anya.

WEEK 5: Join me and my cat, Francesca, for another round of animal communication including a full body scan.

WEEK 6: Meet Abby, a sweetheart puppy with a mind of her own! Here, I’ll instruct you through your last round of animal communication with a full body scan.

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