12 Days of Giving: Day 11

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Support the Amazonian Manatee


December 11th, 2022
Day 11 of the 12 Days of Giving

Today you will receive TWO digital courses for the price of ONE! When you select from one of our most popular courses, you will get a second for FREE (of equal or lesser value):

🐾 Animal Communication Fundamentals 

🐾 Energy Healing for Animals Fundamentals 

🐾 Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave 

🐾 EFT for You and Your Animals 

Your purchase today also supports the highly endangered Amazonian manatee. Although hunting has been prohibited since 1973, it continues to further reduce the population of Amazonian manatees, as does the degradation of their food supply from deforestation. We are donating $50 in your name to Nature and Culture International to protect these beautiful and unique animals.

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Buy one of the following courses and get one free!
(The course you choose with the highest price point will be charged)

🐾 Animal Communication Fundamentals 🐾
CWALU’s home study course dedicated to teaching you the skills needed to become an animal communicator!

🐾 Energy Healing for Animals Fundamentals 🐾
CWALU’s home study course dedicated to teaching you the skills you need to begin your journey toward becoming an energy healer for animals!

🐾 Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave 🐾
My go-to healing technique for over 22 years!
6 lessons of videos, audio, and written content

Create healing at a cellular level.
Mitigate behavioral challenges and physical illness.
Understand the chakra system of both humans and animals.
Communicate with animals.
And more! 


🐾 EFT  for You & Your Animals 🐾
A 7-Module Digital Course | Beginner to Advanced

EFT is a healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, helps alleviate physical pain, and lessens performance anxiety. The technique involves tapping with the fingers on the meridian system of the body. And it’s beneficial for both humans and animals!

Support the Amazonian Manatee

When you purchase today, $50 will be donated to Nature and Culture International, a non-profit that protects wildlife habitat in Latin America.

The late E.O. Wilson, Harvard Biologist and 2-time Pulitzer Prize Winner said, “I believe Nature and Culture will be remembered in history as one of the few organizations who did the right thing, on the right scale, in the right place, and in time.

This organization is dedicated to the conservation of biologically diverse landscapes in Latin America, in concert with local cultures, for the well-being of the planet. They have a team of over 70 local conservationists, legal professionals and mapping experts working to save critical ecosystems throughout Latin America.

The contribution we make in your honor today will fund conservation work in the Pastaza Region of Ecuador, which is home to Amazonian Manatees. 

Nature and Culture International is working with the communities of the Kichwa Indigenous People of Pastaza (PAKKIRU) whose territory is settled along a good part of the Curaray River (manatee habitat). They are working to help PAKKIRU to define internal agreements for the use and conservation of its territory to preserve the areas important for ecological and cultural resources there. They are working with the Provincial Government of Pastaza on the implementation of measures and actions to reduce deforestation in territories along some rivers including Curaray, Bobonaza and Copataza!

Nature and Culture International will be in touch regarding your donation within 2 weeks. And you’ll receive your digital courses immediately upon purchase! If you like the kind of work this organization is doing feel free to reach out and make your own, personal donation! Any donation made before December 31st will be matched! Click HERE for more info.

Available Today, December 11, only!

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Since 2007, Communication With All Life University has housed some of the most impactful animal communication tools, methodologies, and teachings to date. More than a university, CWALU provides the following:

  • Guest speakers who lead in their field of expertise: behaviorists, holistic/homeopathic veterinarians, grief counselors, body workers, sanctuary directors, international competitors and judges.
  • Authors from top publishing houses like Hay House and Sounds True
  • Various forms of healing, training methods, and rehabilitation with animals
  • Bodywork, nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, herbs and flower essences
  • Animal Communication Home Study Course
  • Energy Healing for Animals Home Study Course
  • Animal Business Academy
  • All live workshops
  • 33 Advanced Animal Communication Teleseminars with me
  • 5 Mentor Calls
  • And so much more!

About Joan

Animal communicator, speaker, founder of CWALU, marine naturalist, and Hay House author, Joan Ranquet was deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” by AMC.