12 Days of Giving: Day 3

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The Comfort Bundle
Support Tiger Conservation!

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December 3rd, 2022
Day 3 of the 12 Days of Giving

As one of our most unique packages this season, The Comfort Bundle brings together a blend of life-enhancing products: five meditations, two modules from my Animal Mastery Program, and two Dynamite homeopathic flower essence sprays designed for relaxation and tranquility. (Normally $165)

We are extending the impact beyond our borders by pairing today’s offer with a donation for conservation efforts that ensure a future for tigers and all wild cats as well as the vast landscapes they depend upon. ($40 donation value)

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What is in the Comfort Bundle?

  • 5 Meditations from my Connect & Heal Meditation Bundle
  • 2 Modules from my Animal Mastery Program
  • 2 Dynamite Homeopathic Flower Essence Sprays

The Details…

The Connect & Heal Meditation Bundle has 5 powerful meditations to help you connect, relax, heal and open up as you navigate the holidays:

1. The Mystical Naturalist

6 minutes of bliss! Join me on a piano-accompanied meditation that enables you to get grounded, connected to yourself and the earth all while you feel the presence of the unseen support around you.

2. The Gathering Meditation

Communicating with wild animals and domestic animals are two very different experiences. In the end, it all comes down to connection and learning to gather your energy! In this 23-minute audio meditation I will teach you about those key differences and lead you through a mediation that will help you connect with the wild ones AND learn how to create harmony in your home for you and your domestic animals.

3. Scalar Wave Energy Healing Meditation

This stand-alone healing technique has been my go to meditation for over 20 years. In this meditation you’ll learn how to ground, relax, and heal using Scalar Wave. Learn to spin your chakras and access the scalar wave energy to penetrate your cells, creating healing on all levels.

4. Visualization Meditation

From our Animal Business Academy course, this meditation is all about creating a business and a life you love through simple grounding and visualization tools. Warning: This meditation may cause Inspiration!

5. Communication with All Life Meditation

Remove your filters and become a clear channel for animals! This meditation will help you unhook from your thoughts, release body tension, and neutralize emotions so you can open your heart and receive the information you need while communicating with animals.

The 2 Modules from my Animal Mastery Program were created to help my students connect with two very important things – the natural world and inspiration! And now we want to pass them on  to you!  You’ll receive:

  • The Origin of Inspiration – an 8 lesson module packed with recorded live calls, articles and videos, all designed to help keep your spirits lifted and inspired as you navigate your life path.
  • Nature Connection – the recorded teleclasses, articles, videos, and exercises in this 8 lesson module help you connect with the natural world AND learn how to see the forest for the trees.

We’ve also added products from Dynamite, whose vision is to improve the lives of all living creatures by empowering people with the truth and knowledge about health. Backed by over 80 years of experience in holistic nutritional science, Dynamite formulates and manufactures nutraceuticals for all species. I’ve been distributing Dynamite products for years and LOVE this company!

Dynamite’s Relax Spray and Tranquil Spray are all-natural, drug-free herbal and homeopathic formulas designed to help you and your animals. When stressful situations come up, such as during fireworks, traveling, vet visits, and other traumatic times, these sprays can help you and your animals through! Relax is great for situations that involve a lot of fear, while Tranquil is more physically calming and great for the female animals in your life.

And finally...

Support Tiger Conservation

When you purchase today, $40 will be donated to Panthera, the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world's 40 wild cat species and their landscapes.

Panthera’s Tigers Forever program is working to increase tiger numbers by at least 50% over a ten year period at key sites across Asia. They are addressing the most urgent threats to tigers including poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation, overhunting of prey species and human-cat conflict.

Panthera will be in touch to thank you for your donation and give you more information about their organization!

Available Today, December 3rd, only!

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Since 2007, Communication With All Life University has housed some of the most impactful animal communication tools, methodologies, and teachings to date. More than a university, CWALU provides the following:

  • Guest speakers who lead in their field of expertise: behaviorists, holistic/homeopathic veterinarians, grief counselors, body workers, sanctuary directors, international competitors and judges.
  • Authors from top publishing houses like Hay House and Sounds True
  • Various forms of healing, training methods, and rehabilitation with animals
  • Bodywork, nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, herbs and flower essences
  • Animal Communication Home Study Course
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  • Animal Business Academy
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  • 33 Advanced Animal Communication Teleseminars with me
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  • And so much more!

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