12 Days of Giving: Day 7

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Animal Mastery Fundamentals
(Digital Only)
Adopt a Baby Gorilla

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December 7th, 2022
Day 7 of the 12 Days of Giving

I am making available for the first time ever (and, for today only -- at least at this price) the Animal Mastery Fundamentals Digital Course. I’ve taken my decades of experiences, lessons, expertise, training, and feedback from working with thousands upon thousands of animals and am now offering it to you -- digitally! (Retails at $3,135)

Also today only, adopt a Gorilla through The Fossey Fund’s unique adoption program. There, the gorillas have graciously allowed humans to share their habitat. The animals that the Fossey Fund monitors and protects every single day are truly wild and are not in a sanctuary. I’ll make the donation on your behalf to help ensure protection for generations of gorillas to come. ($75 donation)

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Course Details
Animal Mastery Fundamentals
(Digital Only)
Gain Expert Training | Find Your Niche

This Animal Communicator Mastery Digital Program is a dive into both Animal Communication and Energy Healing for Animals.Learn practical skills to help you navigate the beautiful and complex world of energy work and discover your niche in working with animals. You will also continue your personal journey of healing and wellness as you learn to open up to All Life.

With 13 modules of transformation, you’ll learn the various facets of animal communication and energy healing through:

  • Video, audio and written content, including homework
  • Pre-recorded expert guest speakers

Animal Mastery Fundamentals consists of these stand-alone courses:

  • Animal Communication Fundamentals $497 value
  • Talk to the Animals $197 value
  • Intro to Animal Medical Intuition $27 value
  • Healing in Sanctuaries, Zoos, & Rehab Centers $27 value
  • Lost Animals $397 value
  • Intro to Death and Dying $397 value
  • Intro to Nutrition $27 value
  • Energy Healing Fundamentals $497 value
  • EFT for You and Your Animals $197 value
  • Energy Healing for Animals with Scalar Wave $197 value
  • Animal Chakras $197 value
  • Animal Education Talks $397 value
  • Origin of Inspiration $27 value
  • Nature Connection $27 value
  • Passport to Wildlife $27 value
    • BONUS: Animal Advocacy

Adopt an Infant Gorilla

When you purchase today, $75 will fund the year long adoption of a baby Gorilla for you and your family!  

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International is dedicated to the conservation, protection and study of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. Their successful, integrated approach includes close collaboration with local governments and communities as well as partners from around the world.

I remember when I first learned of Dian Fossey. In the 6th grade, we had a map of the world up on the wall. There were 4 locations marked and pictures of 3 women and one man.  The locations were Kenya, Nigeria (Gombe), Borneo and Rwanda.  The man was world famous archeologist, Dr. Louis Leakey. The women were Jane Goodall, Birute Galdikas and Dian Fossey, the Trimates.  

Each of the Trimates were sent deep into the jungle to study primates (chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas) while Dr. Leakey continued his digs in northern Africa. 

This map and pictures of those women in safari outfits left an indelible mark on my soul. Maybe because they were women? Maybe because they got to work with animals? I don’t know. Somebody whited out the eyes of Dr. Leakey, so there were just these three women staring back at us as a reminder of what we could be.

Little did I know back then what I do now – that the area Dian Fossey went to in Rwanda was war torn, with the ongoing tension between the Hutus and the Tutsis that then led to the 1994 genocide. She did not have it easy and was left to fend for herself in a certain kind of hell. When she was killed over her fierce loyalty for the animals, that broke my heart. She is a hero. For this reason and because of the amazing work that this non-profit continues to do I want to support them this holiday season.

Dian Fossey plaque

Click over to the Gorilla Fund’s website, choose the name of the infant you want to adopt. You may chose any of the gorillas with an adoption fee of $75. Then return here to purchase. We’ll ask you for the name of your Gorilla during the checkout process!

Find Your Baby Gorilla Now

The Gorilla Fund will be in touch regarding your eAdoption within 2 weeks. And you’ll receive your digital course immediately upon purchase!

Available Today, December 7, only!

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Since 2007, Communication With All Life University has housed some of the most impactful animal communication tools, methodologies, and teachings to date. More than a university, CWALU provides the following:

  • Guest speakers who lead in their field of expertise: behaviorists, holistic/homeopathic veterinarians, grief counselors, body workers, sanctuary directors, international competitors and judges.
  • Authors from top publishing houses like Hay House and Sounds True
  • Various forms of healing, training methods, and rehabilitation with animals
  • Bodywork, nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, herbs and flower essences
  • Animal Communication Home Study Course
  • Energy Healing for Animals Home Study Course
  • Animal Business Academy
  • All live workshops
  • 33 Advanced Animal Communication Teleseminars with me
  • 5 Mentor Calls
  • And so much more!

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Animal communicator, speaker, founder of CWALU, marine naturalist, and Hay House author, Joan Ranquet was deemed “Celebrity Animal Communicator” by AMC.