Animal Communication Fundamentals

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Have you ever felt confused by your animal’s odd behavior? 

Deep down you know your animal is trying to tell you something. The longing gaze, the mixed signals…you try to interpret it all but just grow more and more confused. 

Or perhaps you feel called to communicate with animals but had no idea that this mission could become a career. Now, where do you start? 

It’s heart-wrenching when your animal experiences pain, fear, or grief and looks to you for answers - answers you simply don’t have. You’re responsible for their precious life and want nothing more than to understand what they’re feeling, but you simply don’t know how. 

What if your animal’s behavior suddenly became clear? What if you instantly knew that you were making the best decision for their health and well-being? Animal communication is often seen as a gift for “the chosen ones.” But what if I told you that this is not a mystical ability, it’s a learnable skill set? 

My name is Joan Ranquet and I’ve been teaching Animal Communication and Energy Healing since 1998. 25 years of experience and a lifetime of love and loss have prepared me to offer this opportunity, one that will forever enrich your life and the life of those around you (animal or human). 

I felt these same feelings of doubt and confusion decades ago until I had a revelation that changed my life forever: This is a teachable skill. If you approach this wisdom with an open mind and an open heart, you too can learn techniques that were once thought to be for the select few.

How is this possible?

GET EXCITED. This 12-module program will help you discover the animal communicator within, while providing a safe space to develop your skills and deepen your intuition. Here, you’ll learn the fundamentals of telepathy (the transference of pictures, words, and feelings) and how to create harmony in your own home.

The Home Study program is like no other online program I have taken. There is so much amazing information to absorb, but most importantly, to actually use.  Not only did I learn how to connect more deeply with animals, I was introduced to so many experts in a variety of areas related to animals including holistic health, behavior, nutrition, herbs and oils, bodywork, space clearing, training, and so much more. I frequently refer back to the library of information provided within the Home Study Program, and every time I do so I learn something new and at a deeper level. The exercises and knowledge I have gained from the program are priceless and I use them every day! 

-Michael Burke, Animal Communicator and Behaviorist

Once registered, you’ll receive 12 self-paced lessons. You’ll learn from top experts - through the library’s online course - about animal behavior, bodywork, basic nutrition, and energy work. As your skills develop, you’ll receive rare coaching on how to help animals when they’re in transition or crossing over.

What price would you pay to possess this life-long skill?

The Animal Communication Home Study Course is designed to help you improve communication with your own animals, in addition to developing the skills and comfort level to communicate with ALL animals. Have the best of both worlds enjoying this course at your leisure AND participate in the live calls! 

Ready to do something you’ve never done before?

Here’s what you’ll get! 

  • Lifetime access to 12 self-paced lessons from my Animal Education Teleseminars, plus any and all material updates.
  • Tools on how to create more harmony in your home.
  • Introductory Animal Medical Intuition Training. 
  • A reference library of materials (audio, video, and written) spread out over 12 modules. All of this - combined with training modalities on nutrition, behavior, and healing - is yours forever. 

Now that you’ve found the answer, will you take ACTION for your animal?

Joan demystifies animal communication, using her powerful natural teaching abilities to show people that it is a skill that can be honed, not a gift bestowed on just a few. The CWALU is a powerful and challenging program that leaves one fully prepared for a life spent connecting animals with their humans.

--Kara Udziela, Owner of Pet’s Eye View 

Are you ready to have a more connected life experience? 

About Joan

Animal communicator, TEDx speaker, Hay House author, educator and animal parent, Joan Ranquet leads an inspired life. It’s no surprise MSN deemed her as one of the “Top 25 People Who Do What They Love.” More Here