Connect and Heal: A Meditation Bundle


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Lets start by getting quiet and turning to the New Year in peace! Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase well-being. And it is one of the keys to becoming a successful Animal Communicator and Energy Healer! I’ve bundled together some of my very favorite meditations to help you connect, relax, heal and open up as you navigate this time of year. In this bundle you’ll receive:

The Mystical Naturalist

6-minutes of bliss! Join me on a piano-accompanied meditation that will help you get grounded, connected to yourself and the earth and help you feel the presence of all the unseen support around you.

Regular Price: $9.99

The Gathering Meditation

Communicating with wild animals and domestic animals are two very different experiences. In the end, it all comes down to connection and learning to gather your energy in! In this 23-minute audio meditation I will teach you about those key differences and lead you through a mediation that will help you connect with the wild ones AND learn how to create harmony in your home for you and your domestic animals.

Regular Price: $14.99

Scalar Wave Energy Healing Meditation

This stand-alone healing technique has been my go to meditation for over 20 years. In this meditation you’ll learn how to ground, relax and heal using Scalar Wave. Learn to spin your chakras and access the scalar wave energy to penetrate your cells creating healing on all levels.

Regular Price: $19.99

Visualization Meditation

From my Animal Business Academy course, this meditation is all about creating a business and a life you love through simple grounding and visualizing tools. Warning: This meditation may cause Inspiration!

Regular Price: $9.99

Communication with All Life Meditation

Remove your filters and become a clear channel for animals! This meditation will help you unhook from your thoughts, release body tension and neutralize emotions so you can open your heart and receive the information you need while communicating with animals.

Regular Price: $14.99

Solstice Meditation

As we get closer to the Solstice each day gets shorter and darker until we reach the shortest day, the longest night. But the shortest day, the Solstice, also means that we are coming in to the light. 

This meditation will clear negative energy and thoughts so you are prepared to greet the light.

Regular Price: $9.99