Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for You + Your Animals


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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training

This digital EFT Tapping Kit takes you from beginner to advanced. 

For animals and people!

A MUST for all healers, animal lovers, people huggers, and you curious cats looking to make an impact. EFT addresses behavioral and emotional issues, performance blocks, wellness challenges, fear and anxiety for people and animals. Once learned, this skill will be yours to spread throughout the world for a lifetime! 

Maybe you’ve heard about or possibly experienced the incredible healing effects of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and understand the significance of its impact. Your dream is to help others - animal or human - and you know this is the missing link.

But… Life happens. 

You’re busy, you have responsibilities, and you just don’t have the bandwidth for a demanding class. You want to make the most of your investment so if you can’t give this all your focus, it’s probably better to wait.

I learned Energy Healing for Animals from Joan as part of my Animal Communication studies, and I am amazed on a daily basis how effective and helpful the EFT (tapping) is when working with animals. I’ve been able to incorporate the technique along with Scalar wave so that my AC business is more well rounded and serves more people.

I had one client in particular whose dog would go crazy barking at any loud trucks or noises outside. She was about to have to re-home him because she lived on a busy street. I was able to use the AC skills I’ve learned with Joan to uncover what his past issues were about loud noises, and using EFT we were able to let him release the stuck emotions of helplessness and confusion. He only needed one session to clear a ton of issues and after that we did a short session to clear any remaining issues. And the end of the story? Happy owner / happy dog.

-Sue Harriss

Would you like to learn at YOUR pace and never feel behind? Would you like a comprehensive program that doesn’t have a ticking clock attached to it because it’s yours forever? Something that teaches the fundamentals of EFT and then, will grow with you from the beginning all the way to an advanced skill level? 

Hi, I’m Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and founder of CWALU (Communication With All Life University). I’ve been using EFT in my own life and business since the 80’s and can honestly say, this technique is nothing short of transformational. That’s why I’ve combined all my EFT knowledge with the secrets of other EFT experts to create a course just for you!

Introducing Your EFT Digital Training - For Animals and People 

Taught by myself and guest experts, you’ll receive audio, video, and downloadable materials to guide you from a beginner to an expert in this life-changing technique! We will take you through the journey of discovery, science, mind-body connection, energy, and healing. All by tapping on a few "feel good" acupressure points while telling a tough story or sharing a triggered emotion.

This course is complete with:
7 prerecorded classes
an EFT handbook
EFT charts
tapping videos
access to my private EFT videos
And then... You’ll be able to share your gift with others.

And because it’s yours forever, you can brush up on this timeless skill again and again! 

Because I have a book coming out called Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and their Humans, Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping (Findhorn), I will likely be updating charts and adding educational videos that you will be able to access.

I’ll also include these SPECIAL BONUSES! 

  • Bonus 1: Audio  Introduction to Animal Communication with Joan Ranquet
  • Bonus 2: Audio  Cyndi Dale, Author, Intuitive, healer 
  • Bonus 3: Audio  Margaret Ann Lembo on Crystals 
  • Bonus 4: PDF/Booklet  How to Enhance Intuition by Joan Ranquet 

And ADDITIONAL BONUS! You will receive – for FREE – a digital copy of my foundational book, Communication with All Life, with your purchase today. You CAN communicate with animals, and this book will show you how you already are, plus give you the steps to dive deep in your understanding of each other.
(**For U.S. Residents ONLY** – Please email assist@joanranquet.com with your proof of purchase.)

Joan’s energy healing for animals course is just down right amazing. Not only is it informative but Joan is funny as well as knowledgeable. Throughout the course Joan teaches you EFT, which for me has become my “go to” modality. It has helped my dog with her anxiety tremendously and now I am using EFT to help my new dog settle in. Thank you Joan for all you do! This planet is a better place cause of you.


EFT Explained

EFT is a healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, helps alleviate physical pain, and lessens performance anxiety. The technique involves tapping with the fingers on the meridian system of the body. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each meridian is associated with an organ system and those organ systems are associated with particular emotions. By “tapping” on you and/or your animal companion, you can start to release the deep-seated emotions trapped in the body. 

EFT addresses:

  • Behavioral and emotional issues
  • Performance blocks
  • Wellness challenges
  • Fear
  • Anxiety

This class will demystify EFT and teach you how to safely and effectively heal others. You’ll discover:

  • You don’t have to be an animal communicator to make up a script
  • The tapping points on people and animals
  • When to tap on the animal or person
  • How to tell if the animal is shifting
  • And a whole lot more! 

I have found the skills learned in Joan's EFT class useful I many areas of my life. As an Animal Communicator, I have helped long standing behavior and training problems improve in many species. It has made my relationship with my own animals more peaceful and fun. I saw a lameness in my horse disappear in one session just recently. The humans in my life have benefitted, too. Besides anxiety subsiding, and confidence growing, one friend replaced some difficult clients with wonderful ones with ease. Joan uses story to help lessons touch our hearts as well as our minds. The class is great time with friends!

-Jodi Short

About Joan

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