Energetic Anatomy


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This fun and energetic course, filled with wisdom and humor, offers a unique view of the animal – one that has never been done before in this way! 

Taught by Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Jill Todd, the Energetic Anatomy digital course offers an eclectic fusion of science and energy healing. Chakras, meridians, body systems, and organs are ALL important when working with animals. Understanding the network of these systems, where they are located, how they work, and the synergies they create will help you with your animals (and with yourself)!

Bridging Anatomy, Physiology, and Energy

The anatomy of our animals, like the human body, is so much more than just a biological machine. It is a vast network – of energetic and physiological systems – where spirit, substance, and power intersect. This is especially important in animal wellness. Understanding how the energy system entwines with the physical anatomy enables true integrative care – where East meets West in the complex map of our animals’ systems.

Speaking of Maps…

Let’s take a super pedestrian look at the physical body. Think of the body as a State – as though your dog or cat or horse (or even you) are a very small version of, say, Colorado or Rhode Island. The skeletal system forms the state’s foundation; that’s solid rock. The nervous system serves as the central electrical and communication grid for the state. Then we have the circulatory system, the vast network of highways that transport blood all of the places it needs to go—which is pretty much everywhere. The lymphatic system contains the back roads of the state—some paved, some gravel, some dirt—which carry less familiar but no less vital fluids through the system.

The muscular system? Well, that’s a blue-collar industry, the nuts and bolts of commerce, while the respiratory system is a white-collar sector, also essential to production but more refined in how it works. A state’s population ebbs and flows, of course, and it corresponds to the reproductive system. The skin is the landscape you see on the surface, with all its curves and angles and shadows. 

What about the energy plant and a waste department? You get a twofer there: the digestive system, which processes fuel and eliminates what’s not used. And then there’s the endocrine system, which I like to think of as the state capital because it reports to all the other departments. Each organ is a presiding statesman, complete with staff, whose charge is to work with the other organs to make improvements and solve problems. The staff is especially important: for every great organ, there has to be a great backup system. 

The memos that constantly travel between dignitary and staff? They would be the hormones, making sure everybody has the latest news. These systems all work perfectly together when an animal or a person is in good health—that would be a well-run state full of happy citizens.

This Energetic Anatomy course does get a lot more technical than this, but we keep it light-hearted and fun – and easy to understand for both those that focus on Eastern energetic healing modalities and those with a Western scientific background. Combining these approaches with our animals is what will yield the best results!

Who is the Energetic Anatomy Digital Course for?

Energy healers may feel that knowledge of the anatomy is not really necessary, since energy goes where it is needed in the body. But Jill and Joan have found that knowledge of the physical anatomy of animals (and how organs and systems line up with meridians for example) is immensely helpful in giving our animals the highest and best quality of life possible. 

Similarly, anatomy on its own is also not sufficient.  An understanding of how the aura, chakra system, and the meridians all fit together as a roadmap for maintaining a healthy animal is key. 

Here’s the bottom line: if you know energy healing, you need to know the physical body. If you know the body, you need to know energy healing. If you know both, you need to know how to put them together for optimum wellness in the animals you love and care for. 

The Energetic Anatomy digital course is ideal for:

  • Animal communicators who need to visualize and understand any pain or discomfort in the animals they are working with, so they can also communicate appropriately to the animals’ humans and other animal practitioners. 
  • Animal energy healers who will benefit from being able to line up the location of chakras and meridians with organs and skeletal, lymphatic and other systems. 
  • Communication With All Life University’s Animal Mastery students who are looking for an engaging, entertaining, and immensely valuable elective course.
  • Animal lovers who want to optimize the wellness of animals in their care – including animal trainers, dog walkers, animal groomers, shelter/rescue workers, pet sitters, animal conservationists – simply anyone who loves and cares for animals. 
  • Veterinarian support teams who desire to elevate their understanding of the whole animal (and, elevate their career and value in the veterinary field). 
  • Body work practitioners such as acupuncturists, reflexologists, massage therapists and others. 
  • Reiki, Pranic, Crystal, Quantum, Qigong and other energy healers who desire to incorporate animal companions into their practice.

Course Details

A 7-Lesson Digital Course covering
Meridians | Chakras | Body Systems

Discover anatomy through the eyes of energy and physiology! If you’re ready to gain a more complete understanding of the animal body and the physical and energetic components of wellness, AND you want to have fun learning it, Energetic Anatomy is the perfect class for you. 

  • 15+ videos and dozens of pages of content exploring meridians, chakras, body systems and more!
  • Downloadable PDF charts for all of these systems of the body
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge as you go
  • Tips for how to help your or your clients’ animals by shifting your perspective between these systems
  • And a lot of laughter – because when Jill and Joan get together, they have fun!

Hold on and get ready for a deep dive into all of the systems of animals’ bodies:

Circulatory (aka Cardiovascular) | Digestive |
Endocannabinoid | Endocrine | Electromagnetic |
Immune | Integumentary (aka the Skin) | Lymphatic | Musculoskeletal |
Nervous | Renal Urinary Tract | Reproductive | Respiratory

Here’s a fun fact covered in the course: Horses don’t have gallbladders. BUT, they do have gallbladder meridians! Sign up for the course to find out how that works. 

Even if you never enjoyed science (or simply don’t remember it from school), you will learn about these systems in a way you can understand and visualize. 

Similarly, if you’ve never taken an energy healing class – or even if you have – the coursework on chakras and meridians, and the integration with anatomy, will enlighten the physical, emotional, and spiritual path to true healing.

Here’s a very simple illustration: The tail of a dog holds a lot of emotion and is very expressive. The tail --- whether it’s wagging or still, if it’s relaxed or tucked between the dog’s back legs – tells us SO much about how the dog is feeling emotionally. Combine this with the knowledge of chakras – and the fact that the First Chakra (the Root, located at the back / tail of the dog) is associated with safety & security – you can already start to see the interrelation of the physical and energetic. 

Every health issue also has a physical and an energetic component. You could spend a lifetime on one small area, organ, or system of the body and not know everything. The same goes for chakras and meridians. But this course is going to get you closer to understanding animals as a whole being, more than you’ve ever experienced before. 

Are you ready to go deep into a whole new realm? Whether you’re working with animals or you simply want a better understanding of your own companion, Energetic Anatomy is an exciting opportunity to benefit you and your animals by diving into their physical, energetic, and spiritual blueprint. Don’t wait – now is the time to get empowered to impact animals’ lives at a higher level than ever before.