Meridian Touch and Acupressure with the Five Elements


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The Five Elements
LIVE, 5-Week Zoom Course.

Which element is your animal?
The answer informs everything.

Physiology | Personality | Energetic Balance

It’s all connected.

Taught by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine!

Discover your animal’s blueprint for absolute harmony, inside and out!

I'm Ready!

I’ve been doing all 3 on Lola & she’s been totally relaxing into it & enjoying the touch which is great because she’s not that much of a touchy feels dog. Most times when I do the Bladder sweep on Frankie she immediately rolls onto her back with her legs wide open -AI

Does your animal feel like a mystery? 


  • Odd behavior
  • Personality shifts
  • Physical injuries
  • Internal infections
  • Immunity issues
  • Aches and pains

There’s only so much internet research you can do. Besides--

Animals are as complex as humans.

Limited information keeps us guessing (to the detriment of your animal).

Stop Guessing

Paired with Yin and Yang, The Five Elements are the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

When you learn which element your animal is, you’ll receive a wealth of knowledge-- from how they like to play, to what internal organs need special attention as they age. 

Finally, you’ll know--

  • The natural personality of your animal
  • External signs that they’re off balance 
  • Your animal’s specific meridian points
  • How to restore their flow of energy
  • The exact foods your animal needs to live a long and healthy life

This knowledge is THE KEY to understanding the makeup of your animal. And when that happens, life get a lot easier for both of you.


At Your Own Home or Office


Starts November 6th, 2020.

We highly recommend you attend each class live.

I'm Ready!

Meet Dr. Jill

Hi there! I’m Jill Todd, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, but first and foremost, I’m an animal lover just like you. This journey has taken my doctoral studies to the east and to the west. As a believer in balance, I’ve combined what I’ve learned to give you the best of both worlds. 

I’ve spent decades of my life helping heal animals for others. Today, I’m passing the torch and giving you the tools to help heal your own.

I’m also finding the difference between “just doing it“, and truly feeling a connection with your animal and transmitting a healing intention. -GJ

The Five Elements

A quick breakdown

This course will focus on one element a week (in our LIVE lesson and in your homework) so you can fully absorb what each one entails. 

The Five Elements are:

  • Element 1: Fire “The Emperor”
  • Element 2: Earth “Feeds Others” 
  • Element 3: Metal “The Prime Minister”  
  • Element 4: Water “Water Manager” 
  • Element 5: Wood “The General”  

Each element has specific:

  • Associate Meridians - Each Element has two sister meridians associated with it. The Fire Element has four meridians associated with it.
  • Balanced Constitutions - Specific personality traits that tell us when an animal is in alignment. 
  • Imbalanced Constitutions - Specific behaviors that tell us when an animal is out of alignment.
  • Common Breeds - Each element attracts certain breeds, although this is not the 
  • Optimal Food - The food your animal should be eating based on their element’s physiology. 

In just five weeks, you’ll know more about animals than you ever thought possible! Get ready for some big ah-ha moments, along with mind-blowing truths they didn’t teach us in school. 

I was at a friends home this morning (picking up a new sourdough starter) and was telling her about all the wonderful things I’m learning...her standard poodle kept bumping up against I demonstrated the shoulder “wax on - wax off” maneuver. I sure wish I’d had a camera handy at her response!!! -LB

Put into practice

Theory → Diagnosis → Treatment

Here’s one common example of how The Five Elements can help you, help your animal.


In our first class, you quickly discover that your dog, Vixie, is a Fire Element. Because of this, Vixie loves to go outdoors and play fetch. But lately, she could care less when you bring out her leash. She just sits there and looks back at you, indifferent. 


Based on this and a few out of character traits, you can confidently diagnose Vixie as off-balance. But… not for long. 


Each element offers tools on how you can rebalance your Vixie. You’ll learn four meridian sweeps to help her energy flow, four meridian points to provide acupressure, and tapping to rebalance her emotionally, internally, and externally. You’ll also be encouraged to check the ingredients of Pixie’s diet. These are recommended for her specific element. 

In just five weeks, you’ll understand how to treat animals of all elements, an invaluable skill set for all animals in need! 

It’s healing time. Count me in!


Can the five elements be used with humans, too?
The Five Element Theory can be used with Humans too.

Can my animal be more than one element?
Yes. Many times an animal starts out as one element and will mature into another, or several. It can be difficult to categorize your animal, but fun to put the pieces of the puzzle together and more than worth it!

What if I can’t make the class LIVE? Are there replays available?
This will be recorded so you can watch the recording, but we prefer if you can make the live classes.

How can this help my animal?
By using the Five Elements, you can set you and your pack up for success. Knowing what element or element your animals are can help you catch behavior issues before they are causing an issue. You can also know what to watch for as your animal ages, or new animals are added into your pack.

Get the answers you’ve been seeking

Join me in this fun and fabulous exploration to see what your animals are and can be!

Jill Todd

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