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I cannot tell just how wonderful you are!… We searched high and low for the settings you put in my mind…There were many I could make fit ..and wanted to……but when I came upon “Tango’s safety spot(s) I knew we were in the right area. He was indeed doing a smaller and smaller circle.. did smell heavy smoke. (burning bldg.)..did indeed have a hurt hip..and no lead just the collar. We FOUND TANGO!!!! 10 1/2 days after he was lost with a flexi lead on )in a very remote area ! We NEVER would have found him without your help and guidance.. Your words kept us all together…all focused on bringing Tango “in” …Tango beat all the odds ( and a lot of doubters) and was found exactly under the circumstances that you described. Your words created a very strong picture.. As I write this in tears..he is lying by my side..tired, skinny, matted, .still dirty and he is very sore… but he is alive and back HOME… We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts..and Tango does too. All the Bernese Mt Dog Clubs will soon be getting an email from me including a link to your website You truly are an amazing teacher & We are forever grateful and life has new meaning.

-Kim, Granneville, N.Y.

Rode Bart yesterday, just a quiet walk with friends, as it was unbearably hot. Our horses are used to the heat as we ride them lightly at least once a week. Our destination was a nearby commercial boarding facility; we wanted to go play on their obstacle course for a bit. When we got there, we all stood in the shade while a friend went to make sure it was all right for us to use the obstacle course. Let me explain that Bart is a very “herd-oriented” horse, to the extreme that whatever way the other horses are facing; he faces that way too, so as to not be left behind if they start off. There was an arena a little distance from where we were resting, and Bart indicated unmistakably that he wanted to enter the arena. AWAY from the other horses! Had it not been for our telephone visit the other day, I would have argued with him, as it was not MY idea. I remembered what you said about things Bart wanted to share with me, so I let him enter the arena. After we got in the arena, I gathered him lightly, and he GAITED! Not far, mind you, as his poor misshapen feet are recovering from a lifetime without break from front shoes. But it was apparent that he wanted to show off his awesome gait! Everyone was shouting “Yeah Bart!” 🙂 Thank you again, Joan for alerting me to Bart’s desire to show me just what a wonderful horse he is. I am so looking forward to sharing my riding and camping life with this sweet guy. Our telephone visit gave me immensely helpful insights into his character.

-Trudy, Florida

Thanks 🙂 I actually talked to Laney after we got off the phone and she seemed to respond pretty well to it from what I could tell. I’m going to work on those top 10 lists as soon as I get off the phone. I told my grandparents how it went so they would know what was going on, and we all talked about having faith in Laney again, they both admitted that they had sort of shunned her after she attacked Ginger last time. I will look at those supplements and will get them as soon as I am able to; I definitely want my dogs to have everything they need to be as healthy and happy as possible.

-Ashley, Oklahoma

Just wanted to let you know that Tobie is urinating IN THE TOILET!!!!! We caught him on videotape. I kept picturing him going into the litter box as you told me to do but he has been doing his pee-pee in the toilet. My husband and I were totally in awe how he just starting doing this on his own. Did you tell him to do that??? 😉 Hope you are doing well. Dr. Masami says hi!

-Lee in Melbourne, FL

Hello it’s Brooke. I had the bay horse Lentando who had the rearing problem at a couple horse shows; I just wanted to let you know how good Lentando is doing. First of all we went to a show in Waukesha a couple weeks after we had talked to you and we did two equitation classes and we ended up winning both of them!! After that show he had four weeks where we had some down time and we both got to know each other more and bonded a little more. We just had another show in Green Bay this weekend and we did AMAZING! First we did a Low hunter division and got grand champion and then did a modified junior amateur hunter division and we got champion in that division too!!! So I just wanted to let you know that we are just keeping it simple and doing the hunters for now but will eventually be doing the jumpers again, but we are doing really, really, really well.

-Brooke and Lentando: ), Wisconsin

Tugga and I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful visit on Sunday at the New Age Book Store. It was truly amazing to see how he reacted with you. He mentioned about us not liking walks. We walked with him the past two nights when I got out of work and he was like a different dog. First, all I said was do you want to go for a walk and he jumped up. That isn’t a statement he was used to hearing. The first night he walked the farthest he ever has on a leash. He wouldn’t even stop for a drink of water. Something he never passes with the opportunity to jump into someone’s arms. We hope to be able to keep in touch and meet up with you again in the future. I visited your website and will try to catch you online. Now I’ve got lots of questions, like why does he keep pulling the ponytails out of my hair, and why won’t the little guy lift his leg when he pees! We were looking to relocate to California by the end of the year. As of Monday, it looks like it could be sooner, for very positive reasons. Funny, he said hold off for a couple of months on the new puppy. You also mentioned about cats. It wasn’t until later that night that I remembered that as a child I had a cat, which died young of an illness. I think I was so upset for so long, that was probably the last pet that I was attached to. In addition to that, the day before we saw you I didn’t know, but my husband had gone to help some friends and Tugga spent some time with their cat, Tiger, who is very old and has been battling with illness, but the little fighter is hanging on. I look at things much differently now. I only wish you were closer. In the short time I have spent with you, I know you are a very special person. Keep in touch. We wish the best for you and we’ll visit your website often.

-Kim & Tugga, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Many thanks again for the consult and leads into lunging and long lining. I have long lined Rooster and I do believe he likes it. Rooster and I are making such positive progress, I rode him recently with his Boa Boots on, in a bitless bridle and with better posture, we had the smoothest and nicest trot, it brought tears to my eyes. So I think we are on the right path. I have located a gal locally that I could entice to give us dressage, lunging, lessons. Thanks again for your time.

-Amy, Wisconsin

You were right on the money with my guinea pig named Chico – he wants to be with the females & bully them. He is causing problems in clambering over obstacles to reach them. I think initially he wanted to be with the girls, and then when they rejected him, he wanted to dominate their space. It was your impression he bullied his much older cage mate (that was Lola, who died in May). I think I’ll have to find a new home for Chico. I hope he’s happy wherever he goes.


Thank you so much for communicating with Toby. I really felt so relieved and had such a great feeling when I had to leave today. Just knowing that he is happy and knows how loved he is means so much to me. Also, sharing the information with Miguel (trainer) will help him also with Toby. Thank you so much again!!! I would love to have you do a reading before I ride him in January and then periodically.

-Wendy, Florida

Rosie is home. She showed up at about 4 PM at my friend’s house. This is a house she knows very well – her home away from home. She stays there when I go on vacations, etc. Based on a description you gave me early in the week I knew she had been on the road, which led to the back way into their subdivision. We put a dog bed out there with extra dog and cat clippings of the animals of her extended family and had Alice (her housemate) pee a lot around there. I suspect that worked. She came to the house, hopped the fence as usual and went in the dog door. When my friend Don returned from his afternoon search of Rose – she was in the house. Poor man has spent the evening in his recliner crying he is so overcome with emotion. She is injured – a barbed wire injury we suspect. Completely de-nuded the skin on part of the interior of her hock and actually cracked a small bone in there. It is quite swollen and she has a fever. She cannot put weight on it. I wonder how long she has been running on 3 legs….tonight however, we felt she needed food and rest – she will have surgery on this badly damaged skin in the morning. So while Rosie is in surgery tomorrow I will take down all the flyers and get the thank you ad in the paper. So many people helped. It is a wonderful story of compassion and friendship and a community reaching out to help find a poor little lost dog, very heartwarming. There is a lesson here and I will learn it. Hopefully I will develop the few skills that I have in this area of animal talk. I knew that she would have to find her way home – we would not find her. I also knew she would have an injured leg and my worry was that she would be disabled permanently. But this should heal nicely. But right now I’m going to have another margarita. Thank you Joan. I hope we get to meet someday – you are a classy lady and I admire your gift and how you use it.

-Lori. Michigan

First, thank you all for your time, energy, prayers, hugs, food (Val and Anne!), blankets, heaters (got to love that propane heater!), coats, recliner, and love for my GT and me. He is a miracle of recovery. No, we are not out of the woods but I sure can see the clearing! He’s bearing weight on all fours and walking soundly at this point. His eyes are bright and alert and his endearing and obnoxious personality has returned! If he bears his teeth and takes a nosedive for your chest, he’s just looking for your zipper to zip up and down, up, then down, that’s all. I’m waiting for news back from the blood work that Ron took on Friday to find out if the cause was the tie up or if there is a deeper problem. I’ll keep you posted. Just to give you an idea of what Laura & Linda (bless their pee-pickin’ hearts) have engineered, here’s the very incomplete list of remedies: Ron Coulten (Vet) used DMSO, steroids & pain meds for the Colic and the Tie-up. A vet assistant (can’t remember her name) and at least 4 consulting vets were involved as well. Joan Ranquet’s sage advice to try energy patches, energy work (chakras, scaler wave) & homeopathic or mineral treatments. Samantha spun chakras and did crystal work on the boy. Richard Panzer used acupuncture to clear up the blocked neural energy. So did Reagan Golob the chiropractor as well as Sara (the movement specialist that comes in). Jessica Lyman and her mom spun chakras and did energy work as well. Julia did tests to determine if the issue was physical, viral or bacterial (he said viral/bacterial). Alyssa’s mom (the other Alyssa) did some energy work as well.

Thank God for stepping in and answering all our prayers, which he manifested in so many ways. Thank you Sierra & Autum for the lovely pictures to post on GT’s stall and for getting the prayer tree going! All I know is that I have the love of my life back and the debt of gratitude that I feel is truly immense. Thank you all. And I truly apologize if I’ve left anyone out!

-Sheila and GT, (aka Crash and RocketAss), Woodinville, Washington

Things have been going pretty good, I think. I can definitely feel a difference in attitude. And Justin is warming up to the idea of having KC have a job or role that she can feel good about. She helped us move wood this weekend. And we decided too that part of her job could be to help take care of us- and make sure everyone gets to relax when they need it, including her. So, I think it’s a good start! Thanks for your help!

-Kris, Wisconsin

We met you last night at Pet Lovers Central. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and enlightening experience. Funny thing is that the dynamics of the dogs relationship with each other has changed a bit. We really did enjoy it and will want to schedule another appointment down the line. Thanks so much…I have given your name out to the Portuguese Water Dog List members. Hope this was o.k.

-Sunny, Marley (Joan, you are a real friend) and Kiwi (Lets go again!), Boca Raton, Florida

Thank you SO much for writing back to me. It’s a bit of a comfort knowing he’s resting peacefully now. Animals always know when they’re loved but I just hope he realizes exactly how loved he was and still is and how much I’m always going to miss him. He truly was the best. Anyway thanks again. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.

-Kristen, Colorado

I just wanted to say Thank You, again for coming up. All our lives have been effected in such a positive way. Rex is a different dog already and I talk with my animals in a different way now and feel like we are really communicating. Smooch cracked me up last night and Eddie just kept saying what’s so funny, and I was laughing so hard I could only say Smooch. My Mom has been chatting with animals and was so lazy yesterday stayed in her PJ’s all day and she loved it! Anyway, you have affected our lives in such an amazing way, I’m so thankful I met you.

-Shannon, Osteen, Florida

Thank you so much for responding to me so quickly. I read your e-mail first thing Saturday morning and it definitely helped me. I had to drive over to Glenwood Springs for Andy’s track meet, so it really gave me something to think about while driving. I am still very sad about, “Buddy” the baby lamb. But what you had to say makes sense and I have to just accept the fact that he is no longer here. Friday afternoon I asked him to give me some sort of “sign” that he was still with me or if he was in touch with me. A few minutes later (I was in the car at the drive up at the bank) I could smell him next to me. Then a few hours later, I was cleaning rabbit stalls and there was his “scent” again. I haven’t had any other contact since then. I may never know why or understand why he said he was a burden to me and that I would understand later. I guess it will be interesting to know down the road why I became so attached to him in 17 short days. It’s bizarre – a very, very strong and close attachment. Like you said, you understand as you went through something similar with your colt (which I am very sorry to hear about – that was a very sad story). I will keep you posted on what transpires. Thanks again for everything, Joan. You are truly one of the most genuine, and most kind person that I know.

-Ann, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

You will recall that I spoke with you at length about 3 weeks ago regarding my old buddy Murphy. Well, on 2-26-05, with the help of a great vet friend of ours, Murph was on his way. He died here at home on my lap rather than having to go thru the trauma of going to the clinic. Thanks again for helping both Murph and me. You truly have a gift. I wish you nothing but the best.

-Larry, Castlerock, Colorado

While I’m sure it was a pleasure for you to spend the afternoon at my barn, I assure you the pleasure was all mine. You are such a wonderful person with a special gift, and we enjoyed having you. We are already gathering other “victims” for you in the barn as well as in the area. I bragged about you to a few dozen people…sorry. We were hoping to see you again the first week in March, if that is possible. I can’t wait much longer. I’ve implemented the exercises you showed me for the other horses and they have been exceptional…HAPPY DAYS!!! I have the masseuse coming tomorrow to give us a hand and the chiropractor on call. Thank you sooo much. Let me know if your available in March. We would love to see you again. Hope to hear from you soon!

-Chris, Wellington, Florida

I wanted to let you know that Dakota transitioned yesterday morning. I felt clear that it was right to help her this way, but I feel sad for me. Seems like another direct hit on top of a couple others that have landed pretty hard in the last few months. I awoke this morning, though, grateful for her that she is released from the struggle of being in that body. It was always a very beautiful one, but frequently not a very cooperative one. I often prayed for her to have a bit more goddess energy — perhaps she has it now. The communication you facilitated was so helpful. I took advantage of the short time I had left with her to do some review with her, as you suggested, and I know she was assured of my love for her. She gave me much and taught me much, usually in unexpected ways. I thought you would be interested to know that the first sign I had something was changing was on Monday afternoon. I came home from being out and noticed that her lip on the right side of her face was swollen. I checked as carefully as I could to see if I could ascertain what was going on, remembering that you kept getting a hit about her teeth. I made an appointment with my vet to have him check her out, but by Tuesday morning the swelling had more than doubled in size and was clearly causing her a lot of distress. I took her in right away, and as we assessed what she was experiencing, it was evident that she was crashing in a number of ways. There was no doubt in either my mind or the vet’s that clearly the kindest thing was to help her transition. I never ever thought that Dakota would be with me longer than Tucker. She was with me when he joined us, and she was still with me when he left. It was truly a comfort to have her here as I grieved Tucker’s loss these last 8 weeks. I reassured her over and over that I would gladly care for her as long as she wanted to be here, and I would be okay if she was ready to let go. She stayed long enough for me to begin to heal — and to be strong enough now I must start again. I am opening myself to feeling who might next step into the space here — in my home and in my heart — that so needs a dog friend. I’ll let you know what unfolds. Thank you for sharing your compassion and gifted skills with me and Tucker and Dakota. We are all blessed by the connection. You gave me invaluable insights and some words to make me smile, as well, and store in my treasure house of memories. All blessings to you in the new year, Joan.

-Nornie, Kirkland, Washington

Thank you SO much. I forgot to tell you that she doesn’t play with regular cat toys. And her toy is…a piece of rope. You are great! She will chase balls but won’t retrieve them – we often say she is a dog in a cat’s body. But my arms and the rest of me can’t keep it up very long. Same thing with the string. You are absolutely on target – she loves her string “snake.” So we will try and come up with something. I just wanted to thank you for writing back – I was almost at the point of finding another home for her.] So – just a huge thank you. Knowing she should stay with us makes me very happy.


We had our best cutting score for this year. He was a fantastic horse this weekend. Did what I asked. We are great partners. I over spun in the reining, which cost me the belt buckle and some hefty prize money. I just lost my focus in the spin and didn’t pay attention to my feeling. But we had fun going down the fence, working a single cow. Plus people commented on my nice colt. I was grinning big since I have done all the training. It was great to see you, next stop Sedona. I bet you guys had a great weekend. Great combo with you and Regan. Thanks for your time and energy.

Hefty Hugs, Cheryl, Mt.

I learned Energy Healing for Animals from Joan as part of my Animal Communication studies, and I am amazed on a daily basis how effective and helpful the EFT (tapping) is when working with animals.  I’ve been able to incorporate the technique along with Scalar wave so that my AC business is more well rounded and serves more people.

I had one client in particular whose dog would go crazy barking at any loud trucks or noises outside.  She was about to have to re-home him because she lived on a busy street.  I was able to use the AC skills I’ve learned with Joan to uncover what his past issues were about loud noises, and using EFT we were able to let him release the stuck emotions of helplessness and confusion.  He only needed one session to clear a ton of issues and after that we did a short session to clear any remaining issues.  And the end of the story?  Happy owner / happy dog.

-Sue Harriss

Joan’s energy healing for animals course is just down right amazing.  Not only is it informative but Joan is funny as well as knowledgeable.  Throughout the course Joan teaches you EFT, which for me has become my “go to” modality.  It has helped my dog with her anxiety tremendously and now I am using EFT to help my new dog settle in.  Thank you Joan for all you do!  This planet is a better place cause of you.

I have found the skills learned in Joan's EFT class useful I many areas of my life.  As an Animal Communicator, I have helped long standing behavior and training problems improve in many species.  It has made my relationship with my own animals more peaceful and fun.  I saw a lameness in my horse disappear in one session just recently.  The humans in my life have benefitted, too.  Besides anxiety subsiding, and confidence growing, one friend replaced some difficult clients with wonderful ones with ease. Joan uses story to help lessons touch our hearts as well as our minds.  The class is great time with friends!
-Jodi Short

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