Virtual Retreat

A gift to animals. A gift to yourself. A gift to the world.

Introducing Joan Ranquet’s

Virtual Retreat Weekend

February 26 – 28, 2021

Animal Communication Death, Dying and Beyond Lost Animals

Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to hone your intuition.

Leave with life-changing knowledge and techniques that connect you with animals and their humans in a deeper and more profound way than you’ve ever experienced before … at a time when the impact is truly “life and death.”

The Courses




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You can feel it…

It may have started when you were a child. You felt a deep connection with animals. You sensed they might be trying to communicate with you – to tell you something important. Or, you may have even sensed something was wrong with an animal, yet they weren’t even in the room. Your heart was deeply grieved when you saw animal was hurting, or had been lost, or was in the process of dying, or after they had crossed over. You wished you could have been more connected – or you wish someone had been there to help you process what you were experiencing. 

What if YOU could be that person? The one who is connected at a deeper level than you’ve ever experienced before. The one who comes alongside a frantic human who’s lost their animal companion. Or gives hope and healing to one who is grieving the death of an animal. Or the one who brings peace and comfort to an animal in transition. Maybe you just want to be that person for yourself and your own animal companions.

It’s possible. I’ve been teaching people how to do this for decades. Join me LIVE in this Virtual Retreat Weekend, and change your life forever…



Animal Communication

Friday, February 26
5pm to 8pm PST

This is where it all starts. In a safe space, you will discover the animal communicator within, develop your skills, and deepen your intuition.

In this evening session, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of telepathy (the transference of pictures, words, and feelings)
  • How to create harmony in your own home
  • Introductory Animal Medical Intuition Training
  • Interactive teaching, practice communicating with animals, and personalized feedback
  • And more!

*If you have not taken an Animal Communication course with CWALU before, this session is required before either Saturday or Sunday’s classes. And, if you have taken an Animal Communication class previously, we recommend taking this session as a refresher and a way to get grounded for the rest of the weekend.

Individual Price: $147

Animal Communication Only

Animals in Transition – Death, Dying, & Beyond

Saturday, February 27
10am to 4pm PST

This course is a powerful reminder that we have the ability to connect through many dimensions. By learning how to process death and crossing over, we become equipped to help others when their animals are in transition.

On Saturday, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding loss on an emotional and physical level
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • How to communicate with an animal that has crossed over
  • How to process our own grief collectively
  • How to help others with grief
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • How to create a memorial for animals who have crossed over 
  • And more!

Individual Price: $547

(Includes Day 1 Animal Communication)

Animals In transition Only

Lost Animals

Sunday, February 28
10am to 2pm PST

Having reunited over 1,000 people with their lost animals, I will share everything from how to tap into your own telepathic abilities to practical search & rescue steps.

On Sunday, you’ll learn:

  • How to clearly communicate to others the information you receive
  • Grounding techniques for chaotic environments
  • Telepathy, the transference of pictures, words, and feelings
  • When to hire a pet detective
  • Amber Alerts for pets (yes, they have them)
  • How to best assemble a search team
  • Signs, flyers, and press releases
  • What to do in case of potential theft
  • Powerful visualization techniques
  • And so much more!

Individual Price: $297

(Includes Day 1 Animal Communication)



Dive in and take them all, or dip a toe in the water to see how it feels. Whatever you choose, I’ll be there personally to cheer you on.

I’M READY TO CHOOSe all 3 days

How It Works

  • Each course is offered individually or as a three-pack.
  • These online courses are LIVE and interactive via Zoom.
  • If you have to miss the live class, or want to view it again later, you’ll have access to the recording.
  • While all three courses are individual, stand-alone teachings, they thread together beautifully and create an overall experience when you participate in all three. Many students choose to do this and share the experience together.
  • There will be homework, PDFs, and exercises that make these courses very active and hands-on.
  • I (Joan) will be personally guiding you the entire way. I’m available for class questions and offer a bonus Q&A at the end of each course.


People Say…

Joan Ranquet could have been content with being one of the best and most sought-after animal communicators working today. Thank God she chose instead to teach her knowledge in the most practical of ways, allowing us all the chance to remember the interconnectedness of all life.

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