Ayat Kindschi


I’ve always been an animal lover and felt it was my mission to serve in some way. It was during the pandemic that I discovered Joan Ranquet and Communication with All Life University. My personal animals and I have always had a deep understanding and before ever hearing about animal communication we would share pictures and feelings. I would carefully send my cats pictures of who was coming to take care of them when I would travel and how many sunrises it would be before I’d come home. My colleagues, family, and friends may not have believed me when I’d say I must get home now, my dog Watson is in pain, but I knew I could trust those feelings. My life’s journey seems to have been a preparation to become the animal communicator and energy healer I am today. Beginning a meditation practice at 18 years of age and committing to a spiritual path at 26, I have been working with healing and moving energy in one form or another for over forty years. I also have over 20 years of serving as a teacher in preschool through high school and 20 years of working with a dog rescue and adoption center.

All my previous skills and knowledge have been refined through training at Communication with All Live University. With reverence and awe, it still feels like Christmas morning each time I connect with an animal and am able to help.

I am here to serve the very real connection all life shares so that people’s awareness of themselves and the beings in their life will expand and create more harmony for everyone.