Julie Webb

Julie Webb, “The Animal Pastor,” is an ordained Lutheran (ELCA) pastor and a Mercy Associate. As a pastor, she has served for more than two decades in jail, hospital, and congregational settings. Her experience of contemplative spiritual practices, across decades and continents, prepared her for the sense of connection she feels through the work she’s doing now.

These days, in addition to serving a Northern California church part-time, she’s exploring a new aspect of her vocation: ministry that includes more-than-human animals and our relationship with them. A graduate of Joan Ranquet’s Communication with All Life University, her skills include pet-loss grief support, Intuitive Interspecies Communication (Animal Communication), Reiki (Kali-Ki and Let Animals Lead®), EFT/Tapping with Animals and their humans, Scalar Wave energy work, and other approaches to healing.  She is called to help restore connections of trust.