Kaki Decker

My mother tells me the story that when I was in fourth grade we were asked to write what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I wrote “I want to be whatever God wants me to be.”  But I had no idea what that was!  What I have come to know now is that God wants me to be whatever makes me the best version of me.  That includes being a wife, mother of two beautiful grown girls, the caregiver/friend of my horses, cat and dog, a friend, a healer, helper, gardener, artist and communicator.  I don’t put “animal communicator” because I strive to expand communication to plants, weather and crystals.  I have taken classes in craniosacral work for horses, Pure BioEnergy techniques for humans and animals, Red Light, and now CWALU.  Currently I am pouring the majority of my energy into healing work – EFT, Scalar, Photonic Red Light, and other energy healing techniques which include being guided through sessions without a so-called technique.