Lina Chero

Hello, I am Lina Chero and I am an Animal Communicator and Energy Healer.  I have been a paralegal for the past 15 years and have certainly experienced the good and bad of the world of law, seen justice in action as well as the injustices, the victories and the losses. I had certainly fulfilled a purpose to support those who fight for the voiceless.


I had been a legal interpreter giving a voice to those who didn’t speak the language and assisted them by understanding the legal process they or a loved one was facing.


I had been a paralegal at a non profit organization assisting people who were victims of domestic violence or acts of violence and as such I guided them through their rocky legal transitions into a new and better life for them, their children and animal companions.


Even during my years as a travel agent and customer service representative I found myself guiding and connecting people to a better service, a better product, a better destination.


I have connected, guided, advised, interpreted, counseled in one way or another. Now the time has come for me to finally utilize these gifts, these experiences to serve animal companions and their people with the training and knowledge of this amazing place called Communication with All Life University and its founder, Joan Ranquet who has successfully performed, taught and become a pioneer in the field.  What an honor it has been to be a student, a graduate and a teacher in training of CWALU!