Marie-Christine Lochot

Animal Communicator and Healer

Marie-Christine Lochot is an animal communicator and energy healer. She has loved animals since her
childhood: cats, dogs, birds, frogs, lizards that lived in the family home backyard. Her mission is to help
animals and the humans who love them. To accomplish this mission she communicates with animals via
telepathy and uses energywork and massage to enhance physical wellbeing
Massage Therapist since 1994, she helps her clients using Swedish techniques but also energywork
based on Chinese and Hindu traditions. In 2002, she began studying Energy Medicine with Donna Eden,
world renowned healer, later becoming one of her teaching assistants. Marie-Christine assisted Donna
at various workshops over the country. That same year she started to work with dogs and cats, teaching
their humans how to massage them. In 2012, Marie-Christine added to her repertoire energy techniques
for animal based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2015, she met Joan Ranquet, animal
communicator, energy healer and author. Marie-Christine started to study animal communication at the
University created by Joan, CWALU (Communication With All Life University).
After graduating from CWALU in 2017, she started to live her dream of helping animals fully. She offers a
variety of services to enhance the health and happiness of animals and to strengthen the bond between
them and their humans. She has helped many cats, dogs, horses, birds but also cows, pigs, turkeys,
tigers, lions, monkeys going to where they live or remotely via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. She assists
with behavioral issues, better understanding between animals and their humans, end of life
communications and health support. She can do sessions in English and French.
Marie-Christine is now a faculty member of CWALU and also a teaching assistant for animal acupressure
and meridian classes taught by Jill Todd DVM.
She volunteers with a cat rescue which specializes in physically and emotionally traumatized cats, the
Kitty Krusade aka Justin Fire Survivor. In 2017, she created with a friend a non-profit organization to help
outdoor cats and was on the board for 3 years.
She also holds a Master of Economics from the University of Paris X. Marie-Christine lives in Montclair,
NJ with her 2 cats Asia and Cannelle and is known as the crazy French cat lady who loves all the other
animals too.