Tanya Hoffay

I’m Tanya

Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Animal Lover, Curious Seeker/ Student, Swears A Lot, Great Sense of Humor

I live in Queens, NY and all my animals are in spirit. I am a teacher trainer with CWALU.

I did not grow up surrounded with a lot of animals, but I have always loved them. I have been interested in Animal Communication and Energy Healing for many years for both myself and my animals.

I have taken some random classes over the years-TTouch, AC, Energy Healing, but sometimes life gets in the way and those interests and passions get put on the back burner either through personal roadblocks or self doubt.

I truly believe that once you get a taste of what your soul’s purpose is it never leaves you. It may take many years, but you always find your way back. My way back was in the loss of my little man Liam. I have always thought that when it is your time it’s your time, but somehow that concept seems foreign when it relates to the loss of my animals. It was the height of the Pandemic and 6 months after he had crossed over. I was still feeling guilty, looking for answers and understanding and fighting my way through the grief and depression about what I could have done differently. His loss was the KICK IN THE ASS I needed.

I enrolled in Animal Communication Level 1 a few years back, and then in the Animal Mastery Program (The Big Program) at CWALU and haven’t looked back.

It has been an amazing journey so far. I met my Tribe. We laugh, we cry, we grow, we support each other.

I see myself as a conduit.

My goal is to help build and nurture a bridge between animals and their people to create and enhance a deeper understanding and ultimately heal the relationship in this lifetime and beyond.