10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #6 Spiritual Healing is Also a Form of Energy Healing

Spiritual healing is also a form of energy healing. In this form, it requires or elicits faith or belief. Spiritual prayers, mantras, and chants are petitions for help that invoke solace, strength, and repair—a combination of energy work plus intention. A prayer, mantra, or chant that has been invoked by many people through time taps into ancient technology, maintaining its vibration and carrying an energy of its own. And all of the people who repeat those words become connected and contribute to the energy and power of the words. You can use spiritual healing techniques with animals as well.

When it comes to healing, it doesn’t matter what religion you believe in or what your spiritual orientation is. No matter where you are in the spectrum of faith and spirit, I believe healing is a collective art that takes place among the seeker/patient/client, the healer, and the Divine. There is a Divine being, ideal, or agent in every discipline that works on behalf of spiritual energy. It is bigger than us individually, yet is part of us, with us, and of us. Spiritual energy, in fact, is the connector between physical matter and the electromagnetic field. 

Spiritual healing calls forth Spirit, Source, Great Spirit, or the Holy Spirit to activate healing on behalf of a patient, seeker, or client. Archangels, angels, fairies, spirit guides, saints, Mohammed, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, God, and Allah can all be called upon for help in prayer or ritual. Christ Consciousness, Divinity Codes, One Mind, the Matrix, Reiki healing symbols, and Sacred Geometry also tap into ancient wisdom and technologies. In spiritual healing you can use the energy of a talisman, a crystal, a lucky rock, a statue, or a memorial, as they hold the vibration of the meaning that is attached to them. This gives them transformative and even magical qualities that I’ve witnessed time and time again. 

Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).

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