Animal Soul Mates

Joan Ranquet Pet Communicator

Joan Ranquet Pet CommunicatorMy name is Joan and I have an Animal Soul mate. I’ll admit I’m not even monogamous in this adventure anymore. I don’t have to share this just at an AA (Animal Anonymous) meeting any longer – I’m willing to come out with it. In fact, I don’t have to secretly share this with just my students and clients privately that I’ve had an Animal Soul Mate – I’m out with it to you. My animal companions know it. I have had and continue to have Animal Soul Mates.

In fact, it was a soul mate connection that is in the Introduction of my book: “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator.” Pet One put me on this journey. Now I have unbelievable depth and connection for a multitude of reasons with each of the animals in my life right now. They are all my soul mates. They have indelibly imprinted my soul and impacted not only my life, but the life of anyone who has taken my seminars. They are master teachers. I know you all have one in your household too.

Caroline Myss says your soul mate may not be that love connection we romantically fantasize but that person that stretches you. Makes you grow. I say it doesn’t have to be a person – it is that being that stretches you, that makes you grow. That being may be in your household or your barn. It may not be the one that cuddles up with you – it might be that other one!

Even if you have a naughty dog and you have to learn patience, isn’t that a stretch if you are a Type A personality? How about when you have 50 thousand things going, you are at the height of your career, a new lover that has spouse potential and your aging animal is in the throes of passing? Your kid has as soccer game at 3:00 and your horse is sick at the barn and you are torn between the two… moved the furniture around and the cat is pooping outside of the box…..they make us slow down and take stock.

While they are offering us unconditional love, and a bevy of other emotions depending upon their behavior, who are they in our lives? With Valentine’s day in mind, I looked up lover in the dictionary…..the third entry is “somebody devoted to something.” Take a look around – everyone in your household is devoted on some level and I believe Valentine’s day is the perfect day to acknowledge that. That includes all dimensions…..because those devoted ones that have passed are still in your heart.

Valentine’s Day started as a note passing between lovers. Today is the 4th – I have only 10 days to get going with a lot of love notes to a lot of animal soul mates that have made me who I am.

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