10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #9 Animals Sense Energy Better than We Do

Human critical thinking has lessened our need to survive solely through instinct, and that’s a huge advantage. But it has also eroded our ability to perceive subtle shifts in the energetic fields around us—we’ve gotten more used to thinking than sensing. An animal’s survival, on the other hand, is based almost entirely on perceiving energetic shifts. Even the animals in our homes, pets though they may be, retain the primal fight-or-flight instinct. You might meet their every need, yet their instinct remains, even though it has been watered down to some degree through taming and breeding. By the way, that instinct comes on even stronger when you leave your animals to their own devices.

Animals in the wild—whether in a flock, a herd, a pride, or a pack—have a leader at the forefront of the group. The leader can be benevolent, and it doesn’t have to be a titan of great strength. Sometimes it’s simply the cleverest individual in the group. No matter who it is, though, all eyes and ears are on this leader. All sensibilities are feeling what the leader is feeling and thinking. And everyone has a “tentacle” into the entire group to get a sense of what happens next. 

Since our animals are part of our group now, it’s not surprising that they are easily affected by our thoughts and emotions and any energetic changes or trends in our homes. This includes the energy we bring back from work or of what might be happening in our personal relationships. It’s true: you’re not the only one who is anxious because that potential suitor didn’t call. Your dog is also experiencing a level of anxiety because he’s in tune with your shifting energy. He senses that something is not right with you and with the energy inside the home/world you share. 

Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).


During the October Remember Intensive, from Oct 2-10, we spend 3 days covering Energy Healing for Animals on Oct 8-10. This includes:

  • An overview of energy healing, energy fields, and frequency
  • Exercise in polarity, “throwing each other’s energy off”
  • Healing ourselves with the scalar wave energy: running energy, clearing chakras, and bringing in the scalar wave

This course reminds our body that we have inherent healing skills. We also connect with our knowledge base and our ability to connect and heal virtually. You will learn about energy meridians, the energy field, chakras, the scalar wave as well as when to use body work and when to use energy work.

There is something magical about being in the same space with so many other like-minded people (this year with distance and masks of course!).  In addition to the curriculum, this environment is a sanctuary of inspiration. Beginner students grow from watching the advanced students, while the advanced students are rejuvenated by the growth of the beginners. Even if you are attending virtually, the experience will be just as rich.

*The pacing of the three workshops is built upon the success of the moment before. While taking all three workshops are recommended, you’re welcome to experience them individually. 

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