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Louie and Jager are the best four-legged-friends a family could ever ask for. They’re loving, entertaining, loyal, friendly to others, and very protective. I don’t know what I’d ever do without them in my life.

They’re my life – that’s for sure!

It’s funny, Mr Man and the kids – and myself included – always try to narrate what we think Louie and Jager are saying (or thinking), based on their mannerisms, facial expressions, moods, and body gestures (never really knowing what they might or might not be thinking) but we’ve always wondered. Some are easy to distinguish…

Like when Louie want’s to play ball. He’s clearly asking me to throw the ball for him…but there are times where I can’t seem to get a feel for what he’s thinking (or asking) or trying to tell me. That’s when I’m sad – especially when I can tell it’s something important to him (by the way he looks / sometimes past me – when he looks my way).

That said; I’ve been reading (and listening to) Joan Ranquet’s “Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator,” her book & CD and I have but one word to describe what I think of them…


Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator, is a book that – if you have any animal in your life, big or small – you need to find time to read this book…especially if you’ve ever, even once, wondered what you’re animal friend was trying to tell you.

Her introduction was very long and personal (and I loved it because I was able to learn so much about her…and ultimately, what lead to her calling).

Final Note : : If you’re looking for ways to better communicate with your four legged friend, I encourage you to grab a copy of Joan Ranquet’s Communication with All Life.

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