Creative Tools for Harmony in Your Household #1: Nutrition


             This to me is just basic. With all the information out there for us as humans to better understand how to use our own energy more effectively, there is also that much and more data out there for the animals. There are certain ways we fed horses as recently as the 1970s that are know known to be counterproductive. There are over-processed commercial pet foods that are really downright dangerous for the health of your animal companion. I would consider this the biggest tool I use when trying to sort out the behavior and health of an animal.

            Become aware of: What are your animals eating? Is that food serving them the best it can? Does your animal have energy, are they cranky? If you had gotten a vaccination and stopped at the store for a doughnut and then on the way home stopped for a fast-food hamburger and for dinner had a few cupcakes, not to mention that you’ve supplemented your day with gallons of coffee … how do you think you would feel after all that? Would you be nice to anyone? Would you respond heroically to a boss’ demands? Wouldn’t you want to curl up in bed?” I’m putting this ridiculous equation here because that’s about what most people are unknowingly doing to their animals with what they are feeding them.

             Many of my clients know much more than I do about specific foods. I get to learn from them! I have been studying this big subject for years. There are some basics I will review and then lead you to some other resources. Suffice it to say, I am passionate about the food issue. This is partly because I know the mistakes I made with the two horses I lost in the early 1990s. Yes, their time was their time. However, with what I know now, it would have certainly been a different fight. I also grew up with a dog that lived to be 23 years old, and I thought that was normal. Now I see so many animals die at such young ages, and I believe the early seeds of illness can be traced back to the preservatives in many commercial foods and other toxins in the environment. The pet food industry is getting hip to this, but not fast enough.

     The law of attraction is: “like attracts like.” If you are feeding frequency vibration-raising foods, meaning minerals, herbs, and organic foods, you are automatically pulling in better energy for your animal. If you are exposing your animals to energy killers like daily wormers, pesticides and herbicides (on food and grass), antibiotics, chlorinated water, preservatives in foods, and mercury in vaccines, you are automatically bringing down the vibration. Now, there is a time and place for these things, but they are something to be mindful of. The body is a natural responder to “like attracts like.”

     In The Non Toxic Farming Handbook, Philip A. Wheeler, PhD and Ronald B. Ward state:

“Fertilizers also serve to attract similar nutrients to themselves. The nutrient energies being attracted in the soil are carried over the surface of the earth on the same magnetic currents that operate a compass. To maximize the attraction of energies, the farmer must consciously plan to create as broad a “magnetic base” as possible. Raising organic (humus) levels, balancing calcium, magnesium and phosphate levels is required here. This creates a highly beneficial environment for soil microbes which will add to soil fertility. A fertile soil in good tilth will continue to grow more fertile because the balance of nutrient energies serves to attract balanced energies in return. This works in the opposite as well. By adding the toxic energies with “kill” frequencies to the soil, more and more out of balance, it will attract an imbalance of energies to it. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.”

Excerpted from Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House, 2007)



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