CWALU Graduate Stories

I remember the free floating feeling of being part of healing miracles.  I also remember the grounding reality of bloodwork coming back, confirming that maybe, after all, this animal communication or energy healing was actually working………I have certainly come to expect miracles.

And as exciting as it is to be part of it, it is even more exciting to watch my students in the program and/or graduates as they are part of extraordinary circumstances, miracles in animal communication or energy healing.

I remember so clearly the first time I worked on a dog and a tumor shrunk or an animal didn’t have to be put down because he wasn’t dying, he just had a back ache.  Those feelings are unmatched by anything else.  I had a great run at that for many, many, many years (and I still do a few clients). 

I’ve been teaching both animal communication and energy healing for animals since 1998.  In 2009, I started Communication with all Life University (CWALU).  Now it is time I share the journey, the successes and the work of my graduates and students.    

Kara magazine (2)Starting with Kara Udziela.
  Wow.  What a powerhouse!  Super smart, very intuitive and a natural born healer.

I met Kara at a 2 day Animal Communication Workshop that I was teaching at Awakenings in Laguna Hills, Ca about 5 years ago.  I remember she sat just to the right of me.  I remember her vividly.  I didn’t know that we would spend 2 years working very hard together and as a result, becoming great friends as well. 

Kara had a very successful PR firm.  She ended up joining the program pretty quickly after the two day course!

JR: What are you doing now with your education and experience:

KU:  I work with people weekly on various issues with their animal companions, do brief talks and workshops on pets, gemstones and more at Awakenings and am am ambassador at The Temple of Light where I write a monthly column and do monthly fair readings and a class called Animystic Wisdom, teaching not only animal communication but also connection to the Earth spirits, the weather and other things imbued with life.

JR:  Is it helping with your animals at home?

KU:  I hope so!

JR:  Hahahaha, no, really!

KU:  I initially took classes from Joan because I had visions of walking around my home like Snow White, conversing with my animals. I had no real intention of doing it professionally. And, indeed, my animals and I do live in greater harmony and we do hear each other on a deeper level. Unfortunately, they have not learned to wash dishes or sweep floors.  ;(

One dog gets quite irritated when I am not tuned in, and will angrily flip the stainless steel water bowl over in the other room because I am not paying attention. Another dog has made it clear she loves ice cream, and if someone even thinks the idea of us going out for a scoop, we will find her sitting by the front door vibrating with excitement She wants to accompany us, and get a little taste.

The greatest benefit in my life is that my young sons are now animal communicators and my husband will occasionally say, “Gemma just told me she wants to go on a walk. Everyone in our home has a much deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of life and that animals have deep souls, their own wants and needs and a huge desire to connect to us.

In addition to doing animal communication and energy healing for animals, Kara also does PR for animal businesses.  Her website is:

I asked Kara what she specifically could say about the program and she gave me 3 specific testimonials.  I couldn’t decide on one, so here are all 3:

1.Joan Ranquet could have been content with being one of the best and most sought-after animal communicators working today. Thank God she chose instead to teach her knowledge in the most practical of ways, allowing us all the chance to remember the interconnectedness of all life. 

2. Joan’s teaching style is clear and crisp. Her dedication and support for her students is unmatched. People are drawn to Joan because she believes animal telepathy is a skill that we can all learn. Her natural teaching and storytelling abilities are infused with a unique combination of dry wit and generosity of spirit that make her classes the most engaging I have ever taken.

3. Joan demystifies animal communication, using her powerful natural teaching abilities to show people that it is a skill that can be honed, not a gift bestowed on just a few.  CWALU is a powerful and challenging program that leaves one fully prepared for a life spent connecting animals with their humans. 



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