Drake Says: TTouch + Theraplate = Heaven!

TTouch is such a go-to modality for me.  I almost can’t not do TTouch when I go to touch an animal!  Body work is so important to shift emotional and physical issues.  The theraplate catapults the body work into hyper speed expansion ASAP!

About TTouch from my first book:

“With this work, you are at the very least allowing the body to go into parasympathetic nervous system relaxing. While the sympathetic nervous system is used in fight or flight, the parasympathetic nervous system is used to relax and regenerate. When you can get an animal into this state, healing can begin. The body wants to repair itself. It’s built to live. It’s built to thrive. When we are sympathetic dominant, we are to some degree limiting the potential for healing. You are also deepening the bond between you and the animal because of your intention. This increases the trust. In most cases it really does change the physiological situation.”

Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House) Joan Ranquet

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