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Enrollment for Silva Manifesting OPEN NOW!

03jun2:00 pmEnrollment for Silva Manifesting OPEN NOW!

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Awakening the Reality Architect in you

Master the science of bending reality and create your ideal life with the Silva
Manifesting class…

Manifesting: the most unreliable science in the universe?

You already know that your thoughts become things–and that your mind is the key to your ideal reality.

But — if the science of manifesting really is the key to all the abundance, health and love your mind can imagine…

Why is your life still a roller coaster of ups and downs? And why aren’t you already living your ideal reality?

Did you know that the main problem people have with manifesting is…
…that it only happens in flashes? Think about it. Remember the last time you manifested a moment of sheer coincidence, luck or synchronicity?
You know that was your mind power at work. A moment when your intentions and vibrations aligned with the universe, and materialized from your mind into your reality.
But why does this power always slip out of your fingers as suddenly as it appears? And why can’t you summon it back like a trusty sidekick, whenever and wherever you need it?

At the Silva Method, we believe everyone is born a Reality Architect — and that all you need to do to realize this ability is to wake up.

The definitive process for perfect manifestation, perfected over 50 years

Our purpose? To leverage on our knowledge and experience as the pioneers of the personal growth industry… and create the single most efficient and effective manifesting process on the planet.

Today, we’re proud to share with you the final result: a complete manifesting mastery system, based on Silva’s research and optimized with today’s technology, designed to swiftly awaken your inner Reality Architect and turn you into a manifesting master.

Making manifesting as reliable and consistent as the law of gravity.

At the core of Silva Manifesting is a selection of advanced mind empowerment tools and techniques for engaging every layer of your mind. Some of these are brand new, and some are updated versions of perennial favorites…

The 11 new Silva exercises you’ll do in Silva Manifesting:

1. Life Change Exercise – Part 1
Points of Reference/Goals for the Class

2. Life Change Exercise – Part 2
Clear Direction – Desire, Believe, Connect, Expect

3. Practice Sessions – Passive Moment, Open-eyed, Zap and Stoplight Meditations
To manifest your goals like lightning

4. Monkey Mind Exercise
To eliminate distractions and be more concentrated and precise

5. Visioning Exercise
To connect with Universal Source Energy and discover your Mission

6. Engaging Fully
To be connected with your 4 bodies (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional)

7. Actualization Process
Your Personal Success Code. Establishing clear points of reference.

8. Overcoming Obstacles
To discover the deep source of your blocks with the help of your Future Self.

9. Creating New Beliefs
Changing the Inner Child’s Perception

10. Choice Points
Criteria for problem-solving and decision-making, by testing future possibilities.

11. Money Magnet –
To attune yourself to the frequency of abundance

Other subjects presented in the seminar, and in the manual:

The Key techniques for manifesting
The 7 ideal conditions for manifesting
The importance of the quality of your thoughts
The importance of clear goals – exercise to define specific goals
Meditation is a state of consciousness
Sabotaging goals
Perfectionism – the fear of success
Procrastination – living in the NO
Dualistic Reality – Merging spiritual and physical realms
The Law of Permission – allowing yourself to receive
Gratitude and Appreciation – the key to a flourishing life
The Law of Reciprocity – pay it forward


Monday, August 1st to Thursday, August 4th, 2022

(4 afternoons in total)


2.00 PM to 5.30 PM EST (With 30-minute break at 3.30 pm)

Online with Zoom


Fee: $300 to be paid via PayPal.

You can then visit:

Just select on Silva Manifesting $300 from the dropdown menu and click BUY NOW.

The payment will secure your reservation, and 2 to 3 days before the class you will receive your manual in PDF format and the Zoom link to join the meeting.


You can then visit:

Just select on Repeat Manifesting Class $50 from the dropdown menu and click BUY NOW.

Joan has said it’s OK if you have family members or close friends who want to do the class.


The class will be recorded and available for streaming only on the cloud for 72 hours later.

So, if you have an unexpected interruption, you can catch up!

At the end of this advanced class, you will receive a new pdf certificate with your name, date and Graduate number.



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