Grounding our Animal Companions with the “Bladder Sweep”

As we’re heading into the 4th of July here in the US, our animals don’t always love the what happens with the celebration.  In fact, many animals are downright terrified of fireworks. Our entire household can be very sideways as there is a build up between the human worrying about their animals and the animal responding/reacting to the scary sounds that seem to come from nowhere.

Not a great situation.

Last week I shared about tapping – my blog has the video, the audio or the tapping transcript.  This week I want to share one of my favorite quick body grounding techniques, the bladder sweep.

Below is excerpted from my book: Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True):

The Bladder Meridian

You could spend a lifetime working just with your animal’s Bladder Meridian, which runs on either side of and parallel to the spine, from head to tail. That’s because even though each of the main organs has a dedicated meridian of its own, the Bladder Meridian contains “association points” that correspond to all of them as well. This meridian is very alive and vital in animals, and working with it alone can ignite a sluggish nervous system. Sometimes, nerves just need a reminder.

The easiest and most effective way to work with the Bladder Meridian is “the bladder sweep.” It evens out the animal’s energy, and with practice, your hands will get a feel for any heat, coolness, or energy disturbances. A bladder sweep is just as it sounds: you slowly sweep your hand along the meridian, from the forehead all the way to the base of the spine and then down each leg. On the first sweep, take your hand from the top of the head across the back and follow the left hind leg on down to the foot. On the second sweep, start at the forehead and sweep along the meridian down the right leg to the foot. The third sweep starts at the forehead too, but this time, simply follow along the bladder meridian out the end of the tail. (If the animal has a missing limb or a docked tail, sweep down to the end of where the limb or tail would be.)

This is an illustration from the fabulous book:  Four Paws, Five Directions by Dr. Cheryl Schwartz, DVM (Celestial Arts)

Isn’t it funny that our cats get us to stroke them from the top of the head to the end of their tail?  No wonder they create the “soul of the household”. They’re grounding the house because we keep grounding them!!

Anyway, this isn’t just a 4th of July technique.  This can be a great thing to do before you go out on a walk with your dog.  Or before you take your horse on the trail for the first time.

It also increases circulation just by this simple motion.  Overall, it is a great thing to put into practice daily with your animal companions.

For more info on these types of techniques, check out my book, Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True) or Four Paws, Five Directions by Dr. Cheryl Schwartz DMV, (Celestial Arts):

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