Horse Connection Magazine Book Review

The recent book release of “Communication with All Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” is proving to be a fast success with national and international sales increasing daily. It is a book you can refer to for a lifetime and continually gain new insights from.

Ranquet is a great animal communicator and now is showing that she is a great writer! Her many stories in the book are from her work in the field. They are engaging and humorous, yet deeply thought provoking. This book gives you a reason to consider the possibilities of animal communication as a way to enhance your relationships with all living things. You will find yourself looking at your own pets differently and expand your relationship with them through Ranquet’s insights and guidance. It’s Ranquet’s kind of “thinking outside the box” that simply makes life on the planet more intriguing.

Astrologer and fellow HayHouse author, Mark Husson, of Denver, CO says, “It’s simple, Joan makes the world a better place for animals by making their keepers better people. This book is light and deep, funny and serious, real and fanciful – those are the wonderful extremes found here. Joan is bridging the gap of understanding not just with our animals, but also for us – with each other. Thank you, Joan!”

Joan Ranquet has been in independent practice as an animal communicator and energy healer for several years. She has worked with thousands of individual pet owners, dog, car and horse trainers, barn managers and vets. She troubleshoots medical issues and helps stimulate healing in conjunction with conventional treatment. She helps clients to deepen their ability to care for and understand their animals.

Ranquet has been featured in Pet Nation on Dateline NBC, and has also been on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Animal Planet, Fox 31 News in Denver, King 5 News in Seattle, and WB-2 News Denver, where she was dubbed, “Doctor Doolittle of Denver.”

Horse Connection Magazine | November 2007

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