Signs from the Universe and other random thoughts of an Animal Communicator

A client, “Cindy” called because she was about to adopt a darling little dog.  Her challenge was not the adoption, but feeling pushed into the adoption.  It felt rather soon after the loss of her heart dog, Amelia and she was feeling as though her other dog at home – Ben would feel slighted. 

We harbor a loyalty of our feelings for the animal that we lost.  We do have to honor that space that the beloved animal left.  Everyone is different in how they handle the loss and the discomfort it brings up.  For some, they can’t stand the emptiness and have to fill the space with another animal right away.  Others, it takes a long time to be ready for another animal to come in and take over their heart and home.    

In the session, we connected with the dog Ben and he was okay about the idea of a new dog as it would be the first time in his 17 years that he would be on the top of the pack and could boss someone around!  Fortunately the new dog is a little timid so this could be a good match.

Cindy had her doubts about the whole adoption.  She confided that the night before, she connected with her heart dog Amelia (that had crossed over) and said “If I’m supposed to get this dog, please send me a sign”. 

Cindy then told me her husband takes care of most of the errands but he was off on a project that day.  So she went to the post office.  She bought some stamps and when she started to place them on envelopes, she read the stamp.  It said: Adopt a pet from a shelter today. 

So often we brush off these signs.  They are always there for us.  It may not be the literal voice of authority we need to hear or an apparition in our driveway on our way to the grocery store.  They are subtle and ever present. 

The new dog will never fill that void.  Nor will you fill the void for the people that are missing from this shelter dog’s life now.   You can occupy space in the void together and discover a whole new little soul on your journey to heal.    

Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker

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