Top 7 Reasons for Animal Communication: #7 Trauma

Trauma can shut anyone down. Or it can inform how we will behave. The same is so for animals. Just as being heard can help us, it helps our animals.

I know that so many animals are adopted that had a tough if not horrific start. People often want to know what that story is. They see their animal living like a hostage to their history and want the best for them. I always say that I love energy healing so much that I wrote a book about it. But my favorite modality in that whole book is animal communication. Why? Because to be heard is the very first step in the healing process. I have several ways in which to help alleviate pain, as in emotional and even energetic pain. Yet, when an animal really gets to share their story, they are done and we don’t even have to do that healing modality.

That said, many of the techniques that we do through Communication with all Life University help to take layers off for those animals that remained trapped in their trauma. In fact, EFT (emotional freedom technique) is one of the best techniques around. And to use it on the human and the animal is golden. EFT has the person tapping on acupressure points that are connected to meridians that are connected to organ systems that are connected to an emotion. This particular series of points are “feel good” points. So the idea is, you are sharing a tough story while tapping on the feel good points and eventually, the big triggers are mitigated.

For an animal, our lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive for them to let go of their story. We have therapy, we have friends and a few times talking about things we’ve “gotten it off our chest.” Well, it’s not like that for animals. It stays stored in their body unless we are actively pursuing animal communication, energy healing and body work.

I like to say it like this, if a duck is on a pond and it sees a fox, the duck could go into fight, flight, fright or freeze. Let’s say the duck freezes and then it snaps to life and something in the fear gets it’s cute little duck butt into flight. Adrenalin fuels that flight over to the neighboring pond where the duck lands and tells his buddy about the fox. The flight itself helped release the adrenalin and the memory doesn’t linger. In fact, the ducks carry on about their duck day.

Animals in our homes often have had a big trauma, no release and then no way of releasing the lingering adrenalin or memory. Our stress can compound those feelings. If we don’t know what those triggers are, we could be adding to their trauma, unknowingly.

As I said above, animal communication can help to get the story off the chest of the animal. It can guide the human how to behave or react and how to set the animal up for success. Finding very relaxing activities, nourishing foods and exercise all help. And finding an energetic body worker that does EFT, acupressure, TTouch and more can help lift the pain out of the physical and emotional body.


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