10 Energy Healing for Animals Tips: #8 Everything Has a Vibration

Everything has a vibration—in fact, we live in a fully vibratory world. A vibration has this oscillation pattern of frequency or rhythm to it. Whether you consciously register it or not, you can feel the vibration of beauty and joy radiating from a field of tulips. Each individual tulip—its color, its stem, and the soil it’s planted in—carries a different frequency, and when they’re added together, they vibrate into beauty. A space, a stone, a piece of dirt, and a chair all have vibrations. Man-made objects maintain a more sedentary vibration than live, dimensional forms of life, yet as you have probably felt yourself, a room can have “a vibe.” 

Here’s a case in point: it’s easy to feel a good vibe when you walk into a close friend’s house and to feel a not-so-good one when you walk into that new grooming facility you thought you’d try—and walk right out with your dog. Was anything wrong in that facility? Yes and no. There might not have been anything obviously wrong that you could see, but if you felt a bad vibe, your flight instinct kicked in. (I bet your furry friend was way ahead of you in the let’s-get-the-hell-out-of-here department!) 

It follows that the walls of a room where a trauma was experienced will “hold” that trauma in their cells and membranes until someone purposefully, intentionally, and energetically changes the vibration. A church will hold the vibration of the prior service, even when it is empty. Even a decomposing body is vibrating. You can’t stop the natural flow of the universe.

The fascinating part of this is that all living things have the ability to change their own vibration. A dog, for example, can change its vibration just by trotting over to the dinner bowl. Dogs will pick up their favorite toy and, as they walk around with it, gain the energy of security or a sense of pride. The dog oozes happier energy when it’s carrying that toy. I know a large German shepherd who might look fierce to some people, but not to his family when they’re at home and he’s carrying around his stuffed cow toy. A cat may have a magical spot where it likes to sleep, transmuting the energy all around that spot. And horses perform better in spaces where the vibe is good. 

Excerpt from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True).

During the October Remember Intensive, from Oct 2-10, we spend 3 days covering Energy Healing for Animals on Oct 8-10. This includes:

  • An overview of energy healing, energy fields, and frequency
  • Exercise in polarity, “throwing each other’s energy off”
  • Healing ourselves with the scalar wave energy: running energy, clearing chakras, and bringing in the scalar wave

This course reminds our body that we have inherent healing skills. We also connect with our knowledge base and our ability to connect and heal virtually. You will learn about energy meridians, the energy field, chakras, the scalar wave as well as when to use body work and when to use energy work.

There is something magical about being in the same space with so many other like-minded people (this year with distance and masks of course!).  In addition to the curriculum, this environment is a sanctuary of inspiration. Beginner students grow from watching the advanced students, while the advanced students are rejuvenated by the growth of the beginners. Even if you are attending virtually, the experience will be just as rich.

*The pacing of the three workshops is built upon the success of the moment before. While taking all three workshops are recommended, you’re welcome to experience them individually. 

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