The New Call of the Wild is upon Us, Elephants Travel to Humans for Help

We’ve seen stories of whales and dolphins seeking help, now the elephants are discerning the difference between the humans that help and the ones that don’t.

This is an amazing story of elephants seeking help, three elephants that have survived the poachers. They were shot with poison arrows, expected to die and found their way to the David Sheldrick Trust where they were able to get help and are on the mend. The link to the actual story is at the bottom of this piece.

Could it be that they telepathically intuited what humans are exuding love? I see this in the wild with the way the dolphins want to show off for us.

In my new book, Energy Healing for Animals I talk a lot about the energy that connects us:

“Animals in the wild are dependent upon their senses for survival. Primates and elephants communicate by sensing the ground. Elephants respond to the seismic vibrations of the earth, listening through their limbs and reacting accordingly. Primates feel vibrations through their lips, hands, and feet. These lower vibrations, or frequencies, of the earth are associated with survival, and they are felt in the body.”

“Caitlin O’Connor has lived with elephants and written extensively about her findings, and she discovered that the elephant brain has a built-in backup plan of vibration for elephants in the herd who can’t hear. Other studies indicate that a similar backup plan can kick in for some deaf humans as well.”

“Survival drives the vibratory connectedness between animals. Vibratory connectedness is what makes all the elephants of a herd take notice of another elephant’s seeming misstep hundreds of miles away—the entire herd knows exactly what that means.”

By the same notion, that connectedness would create a GPS system to know where to go to get help.

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