Announcing Communication with All Life University Certification Program

I may facilitate some learning through teaching Animal Communication, but here is the real teacher – Gabrielle!  (Just in case you’re wondering – I’m the human in the photo.) Greetings and Happy New Year!

So here in the Pacific Northwest (after a fabulous time of book signing and teaching in Florida) I was literally snowed in within a day of driving around for 2 weeks without a coat. My animals amaze me. The horses dealt with their life getting very small as the paddocks were like ice rinks. The dogs and I trudged (okay they may have bounced with joy – I was trudging) through the snow for chores.  The very brave humans could get to my farm and the truly heroic humans got up my driveway. (We don’t do snow here well.)


We survived – I feel like an amazing little team with my two horses and my two dogs. I read a lot.  I created a lot. I baked only to eat it all because I couldn’t go anywhere – okay admittedly – it never made the oven.  I watch an infrastructure crumble – i.e. Post Office, Garbage, etc.  I learned a ton about myself and how resilient my animal companions are. I feel like I need to get in touch with the Vatican and get all 4 canonized now. I learned how to burn wet wood (many of you know this – admittedly I’m 75% city chick out here by myself).  Since December 12th, we lived under the conditions that power could go out any minute (and after having done 21 days without power in Florida due to Hurricanes) I prepared daily as if it were the last day without power. (For the first time ever ALL laundry, ALL dishes were done and vacuuming was relished at the same time – something that hasn’t been done since my divorce!)


I read many of the things I have meant to read – including Marley and Me by John Grogin. I was struck by a number of things – 1. He’s a great writer (with a book out now – I say that with great awe).  2.  I had lived right in the middle of the two neighborhoods he wrote about in Florida – so I knew the neighborhoods, the restaurants, the types of people…….3. At the time this was chronicled, it was during the ‘90’s. Pre Cesar, pre Me or the Dog…..these were the types of people that built my business. In the 90’s everyone ran out and got a lab, had kids and didn’t quite know what to do with how many beings they were responsible for. Many people are savvier now about behavior….or they’re more selective about how many beings they can handle. However, I had a nostalgic feeling for all the people I saw go through this then.  I remembered each and every dumbfounded couple that then got training even though they didn’t have time.


4. I didn’t feel as bad anymore about the fact that my own lab (Isabella) is not as well trained as Olivia (1/2 Border Collie).  Marley and me is a great measurement stick as to what you will tolerate!!!!!! I will also add, I recommitted to boot camp with Isabella.  Ultimately, just the immense love shared between species and what a snapshot of how they impact our lives was ever present.  It seems to me like Seabisquit, these animal movies are the most like the original book or the original intent of the author than any other adapted story. (Don’t forget my origins are in that film/theatre world.)  Perhaps because the essence of the animal truly comes through.


Meanwhile during the holidays – I couldn’t get to my family. I couldn’t get to clients. I was able to do phone sessions, and I had a lot of creating and writing to do. I was fortunate enough to have a few brave friends that would pick me up and take me to town to get simple things, food, bedding for horses, wood etc.  Friends helped me create a water system for the horses because of frozen pipes and in case there was a power outage. We were taken care of. And I might add, we never had the power outage (okay Christmas Eve for 2 hours but my fire was so amazing, we didn’t skip a beat – plus I have all this Hurricane gear – who knew!)


The great thing is – I managed to get the details down about something I’ve been working on in my mind for years – and have promised many people (students) – a comprehensive Animal Communication program.  Communication with all Life University was nailed down.  Schedule, pricing, the whole deal.


Like anyone else, I get caught up in elections, what I didn’t get done during the summer about the spare room, a family this, my dog that, snowstorm, blah, blah, blah.  To sit down and glue together the many looming particles of my brain sounded about as fun as getting a filling (with major drilling). Did I also mention the incredible muscles during this lockdown that I created from cleaning stalls and getting it down to the manure pile daily in snow and ice – or the fact that I can lift two full water buckets with the same ease most urbanites pick up their purse? Oh yeah – that’s me now.


So the one night that I was daring to go out in melting snow (no threat of ice) I went to see the movie Marley and Me.  I went with my amazing artist neighbor Carol, her (16 yr. old) daughter Corrine and her friend Marliegh (sp. But sounds like Marley). The 16 year olds were warned at my tearful activity in a film. When I was married, I was a step mom….my step kids were really little when I moved in. I would tell them the hero doesn’t die. When they got older, they were handing me popcorn napkins and reminding me the hero doesn’t die.   Carol confirmed she could be an active crier. I think the 2 16 year olds were proud that they tolerated us without a tear shed.


We all laughed at all the funny things… the book it was so dang funny. How can you not laugh at a dog’s antics – especially if it is not your own!! But the deep love was not lost and the importance of this companion and how we keep track of each other at every turning point in a way no other two beings do – with unconditional love is astounding. It was not lost on the 16 year olds either.


Meanwhile, while we were out, our ice age had turned into 60 mile an hour winds, at 52 degrees. It meant a very fast melt down – literally. Big Rock Road, the road here in Duvall that I called ‘big block of ice road’ suddenly became a ‘river runs through it road’.


We got home. But our little town has become an island. No way out of Duvall. At least now – I can get off the farm, but I can’t get out of town!! There is opportunity here if you have a used passenger ferry boat or a helicopter. (Let me know – I’m always open for a new idea!!) I don’t have either, so I am back to what I do – communicate with animals, write, create – and finally now have a site just for all of the pieces I’ve considered since 2001 into a form – a great program/process  for people wanting to be an Animal Communicator.  


If you are inclined to learn Animal Communication – I have the next two classes on

For those that can’t come to the Seattle area of Orlando – I have a webinar coming up in March. Details will be on

If you are driven to become an Animal Communicator – I have the program for you at


Thankfully, we never lost power. Thankfully, my animals truly bounce with me.  We are an amazing tag team – that’s the biggest thing I learned. Thankfully John Grogin made me laugh and cry at the same velocity. Thankfully a few other writers touched my heart, more on that later.  Thankfully the Gould family took me in on Christmas. Thankfully there were barn fairies cleaning stalls on Christmas day – Anne. Thankfully there were the out of town voices on the other end of the phone – Virginia, Shannon, Christina, Ellen, Kelly, Claudia….to name a few, the weary on the other end of the phone, Pam, my Sister Mary, my Dad  among many other in the hood and the tireless who showed up – Neighbor Carol, Tom, Conleth and Regan. WOW.

Thank you all. It takes a wacky fun village!!!! And thank you Marley – that we all can take note and memorialize that unique, individual soul that came to John Grogin. Thank you John Grogin for having the courage to chronicle all of it. And that soul reminds us all of the animal beings that have come into our lives and at the least touches us  – no matter how painful later on, we remember how it truly deeply it moves us.

Blessings to you and your animal companions – in all dimensions ~ Joan





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