Newsletter – October 2011


Things are winding up with the holidays around the corner and coming to a close with my teaching season at the same time. In the last 6 weeks, I’ve taught in Denver and here in Carnation, went to Louise Hay’s birthday party, got to talk to the dogs, cats and a guinea pig of the troops and have had several people join Communication with all Life University. I am  getting ready for my last big weekend workshops in Florida and talking to lots and lots of animals!!

Last month my article “The Field Of Dreams” included a horse name Magic and other stories about the energetic field. Well Magic just won the gold medal for the US at the Pan American games. Indeed, winning is part of his field.

It continues to be a fascinating subject whether it is a pre-Olympic game, one’s health or behavior and everything in between. What we draw to us on purpose or otherwise is always worth noting. What do you surround you and your animals with? And speaking of purpose, this month’s article below is all about jobs and purpose!

Another great observation is: what messages are being delivered by the Universe vis-à-vis visits by wildlife or other natural symbols? This last week after a great weekend of Animal Communication, several students stayed on for an amazing intensive. As students were deep in meditation or communication sessions, in the distance – outside, I could see Flicker’s (woodpeckers) playing. Flickers signify healing love and new rhythm……..definitely some big expansion was happening here!

On the right you’ll see the upcoming events – and the Florida schedule – Animal Alchemy Part 1 & 2 at the Crystal Garden Oct. 29-30 (private readings there on the 31st), Intro to Animal Communication at Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic, Florida on November 2nd (private readings there on November 3rd) and then my Beg. – Adv. Animal Communication, in Osteen, Florida (outside Orlando).

Also, I’m adding a feature to my blog – Rescue of the Week – please check out my blog.  Let me know if you have a great organization I could feature!

I have united with two other great authors and friends, Margaret Ann Lembo and Sara Wiseman – we have formed the Gratitude List. The Gratitude List is your new, secret source for FREE gifts from leading experts in spirituality, intuition and wellness. The List isn’t open yet… but it will be soon!

When the list “opens” you’ll be able to download amazing resources, such as audio courses, ebooks, music and more for absolutely FREE! Want to be notified when it opens? Visit and register now!

Finally, it is not too early to start planning the dolphin trip!! AND, it’s not too early add Animal Communication Gift Certificate(s) to your holiday gift list!! Also, if you are interested in the Animal Communication Home Study Course, e-mail me


Joan Ranquet

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Tip of the Month

A friend e-mailed an amazing cat pee tip (while it doesn’t help behavior, certainly smell):

“Being another cat lady and I am having some peeing problems I know the absolute best safest easiest way to get the cat pee smell out and no stains.  My cat Rufus peed on a brand new silk dress, silk and lace jack that matched the dress (for a wedding back east of course) and a linen jacket.  I went to my dry cleaner and he tried twice to get the odor out and said “no way lady” this won’t come out.  So my friend staying here while I was away put each piece of clothing in a box and poured my kitty litter over it and like magic everything is now stainless and odorless.  It is called The World’s Best Cat Litter” made from corn.  I have been using it for 2 years and 3 days Rufus peed on a old leather recliner (so it went into the fabric that was visible when the recliner was flat.  10 hours of the kitty litter and no smell.”

A Caller

Recently a woman called because she thought of her dog as being overly active and tightly wound. This was not boding well for her as she was recovering from an illness. The woman didn’t realize that the dog needed some reassurance that she was helping in the household. The dog was hoping her efforts could step up the action in the household as she saw her person as weak.

A horse that had lost the stallion companion on the farm a couple of years ago, just recently lost the number 1 dog. The horse felt she was the obvious one to become the overseer of the farm. Because it was all so emotional for the horse and she was in overwhelm, she broke out in hives.

I know two cats fighting over positioning in the household. The one that has been there longer is quite prissy and very royal. The other one is a true terrorist in a cat suit for all things that fly or crawl anywhere near the home. We negotiated that the queen didn’t have to dirty her paws as she was there first. The newer cat can continue to be a scrappy hunter.

Like humans, animals need a sense of purpose. Sometimes the happiness of an animal in our home is fulfilled by a job. Even if it seems like the most mundane job, a job is still a job. And important at that. Everyone feels that, even our animals. Often I feel as though as much as I am doing an Animal Communication session it turns into a job reassignment session.

A blade of grass has a sense of purpose. A leaf, a tree, a snail are fulfilling their soul’s journey. The more the being has available in terms of brains or emotions, the more a sense of pride or security exists. On the flip side, the more (brains and emotions) the more we can question whether we have purpose. In the case of the animal, that question stirs up certain behaviors.

When we want harmony in our household, aside from claiming that in general, we need to be proactive in creating it. There are the obvious things that help with behavior and wellness like exercise and nutrition. And then there are jobs. What if they don’t have a job? Joan, what is an animal job they chorused?

Often in the case of a second dog coming into the household, dog #1 has all the good jobs tied up. (I know I was one of those households…more on that in a moment.) When all the jobs are taken by very ambitious type A dogs (cats, horses, birds or ferrets), dog #2 can get even more, well, neurotic or shut down.

An unemployed sheltie or an underemployed horse or a rebel without a cause cat can wreak havoc. And some breeds are prone to more work and aren’t going to accept they are simply trust fund dogs, a pasture ornament or a cat of leisure.

As uncomfortable as it may be, there might need to be a job reassignment. Maybe one animal is in charge of the interior guarding and the other exterior. Maybe a cat that has to resign to living inside can be on bug patrol. Sometimes we have to observe the behavior that we see the most and then name it as if it were a job. Like: CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer and then give it some slight parameters. Or we can be super inspired and create jobs.

Sometimes we need the animal to retire and just chill out and be the dog or be the cat or be the horse until we can regroup and get better or get back on our feet with our own employment, etc.

My dog Isabella came with a bundle of challenges. Olivia the ½ Border Collie and 100% Scorpio had all the jobs tied up. One day I realized how affectionate, nurturing and loving Isabella is in a totally different way than anyone else on the farm. That was it, she was the love. The farm love. And she has taken that job very seriously since and (aside from training, exercise and nutrition) it solved a lot for her. And it isn’t a job Olivia would want!!

So take out a little want ad for your animal and see if you can create a new job (and behavior) for the animal in question. Create your wanted ad and post it around. For us here we didn’t realize we were missing a really great thing. Wanted: One really beautiful and goofy lab that loves to greet and love everyone!

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