All About EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) For Animals

As an overview of what tapping can do for animals (and their humans) I put together this list of articles and/or videos that I have been featured in or wrote. The very last video is actually not of me but of Nick Ortner working with a woman on television. His explanation is very insightful.

Here is an excerpt from my book Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True):

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a healing method that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, helps alleviate physical pain, and lessens performance anxiety. The technique involves tapping with the fingers on the meridian system of the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each meridian is associated with an emotion, so with EFT, tapping on a series of points on a meridian mitigates overwhelming feelings and emotions.

Let’s go back to a discussion early in the book about the energy and behavior of the animals in your home. As you’ll recall, animals naturally come in and out of feelings more fluidly than we do. Sometimes they can get stuck in those feelings and the resultant behaviors because we pile on our feelings about their situation—they may not want to continue a pattern or behavior but they’re trapped by us. Tapping is an excellent way for us to address our own feelings about an animal’s emotional state and to help heal the whole household.

There are three ways we can tap to heal an animal’s behavioral or health challenges:

·         Tapping on ourselves on behalf of the animal, acting as a surrogate

·         Tapping on the animal in the same general area as we would a human, thus activating or deactivating the meridians and the associated organs

·         Tapping on both ourselves and our animals

Here are some resources below:


EFT for dogs and cats from Animal Wellness:

An overview of EFT and what it can do.

EFT for horses from Equine Wellness:

EFT to the rescue for Shakespeare the horse.

Animal Communication and EFT at work on a traumatized horse:

Joan Ranquet, an animal communicator, taught Stephens College students to communicate and build relationships with horses on Tuesday at Stephens College Equestrian Center. Ranquet used acupressure therapy to help rebuild the trust between Sarah Hine and her horse, Arthur, who suffered trauma from a flipping-over accident.

Teaching at Stephens College:

Animal communicator Joan Ranquet taught Stephens College students acupressure therapy Tuesday at the school’s equestrian center to help their horses relax and build stronger connections with the riders. Ranquet also worked one-on-one with several students, including Sarah Hine and her horse, Arthur. Hine and Arthur shared a bonding experience that helped the pair build their trust in one another, especially Arthur who suffers trauma from a past fall.

EFT for dogs during fireworks:

EFT demonstrated on Delilah to help our fearful animals during fireworks.

Grounding for our animals, the Bladder Sweep:

This grounding exercise called the bladder sweep is a great way to “ground” your animals during times of distress like around the 4th of July.

EFT for Humans:

Could tapping be the solution to chronic pain and anxiety?

On Megyn Kelly TODAY, Megyn is joined by Adrienne Cerulo, who says a healing technique known as tapping freed her from four years of excruciating pain, and Nick Ortner, author of “The Tapping Solution.” Cerulo says she is still pain-free after two years, and Ortner leads the studio audience in a demonstration of the technique.


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