Rescue is not a Breed


An opportunity to shift our emotions around “Rescue” with my free 3 part EFT Teleseminar

Isabella and cats on my yoga mat!
Isabella and cats on my yoga mat!

One thing I know we share is a great LOVE of animals.  And we feel passionate about their wellbeing.  If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find a way to contribute to the wellbeing of all animals, including, our beloved animal companions in our homes.

If you’re like me, you can’t believe everyone doesn’t get to experience this joy – and worse that there are animals out there not experiencing the security of having a home and someone to adore them.  That is the sort of thing that used to keep me up at night.

As an Animal Communicator, I frequently run across animals that have challenging behavior because they have had so many homes.  And, the person that recently adopted them still refers to them as their “rescue” thus, making themselves a hero and the dog, cat, horse or bird still fall into the less than a citizen category.

If you read my first book, Communication with all Life (Hay House), you’ll remember I walked into someone’s home, and she referred to one dog by name and the other dog as the rescue.  I told her that her home was the fanciest shelter I’d ever seen!  We instantly referred to the dog as her adopted companion and that was one of the first things to shift the behavioral challenge on the spot!

In my classes, I charge people $10.00 if they refer to any animal as “poor baby”.  That poor baby energy is a projection on to the animals that they don’t need.  It isn’t seeing them as whole and able.  At the end of each workshop, we collect the “poor baby” money.  We find someone to take the money to their corporate job to get the matching funds and we donate usually around $300.00 to a rescue or shelter from the “poor baby” fund.  My students learn quickly that it is expensive to keep using that phrase!

Yet, there was one place that still triggered me, haunted me, like a knife cutting through me and I still had a silent “poor baby” in me.  It was going to the shelter.  If a rescue or shelter needed help with a particular animal, I always preferred to do the animal communication session by phone.  There were times, that going in person was still a requirement.

In addition to the overwhelming poor baby feelings, I had extreme judgment when I looked at how many animals end up in shelters when just a teeny bit of effort may have saved the relationship and kept the animal in the home.

Accompanying that sense comes judgment, then I have anger, followed by sadness, and add in frustration, and, and, and, a whole bunch of other emotions that aren’t serving me and certainly aren’t serving the animals I see in the shelters.  It gets to the point that I used to literally tear up if I even in the parking lot before I walked into the shelter.  And, it literally took every bit of my being to get me to a shelter.

As an Animal Communicator, it is detrimental to be that empathic and in pain over each and every little pair of eyes looking back at me like I can save them.  When I look back at them, I found myself making  up that they are so confused and in pain and sad, I make up such a big story, because I’m not discerning, I’m only responding to an emotional tug.  I would have to use all of my tools to get out of my head, out of my own pained heart to be able to connect with the animal I was there to communicate with.  I always did it, but it was a struggle.

I do a lot of energy work and as many of you know, my next book is “Energy Healing for Animals” (Sounds True).  I have used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for years with clients and their animals and somewhere in working on the new book, I started thinking about how EFT could go even further in helping animals and their human companions.

Then I started thinking about how EFT would help me about my projected emotions with regard to Animal Rescue.  I started working on myself with regard to all of my emotions around this.  Then I put it to the test. I had to go in and talk to animals at a big shelter and I wasn’t as triggered.   It was amazing, I was able to waltz in and out and be helpful and cheerful.

Some of you don’t even go to shelters or rescues because of the trauma.  You’d like to help but you know it would knock you out.  Or you work in shelters or have a rescue and sometimes, and eventually you get wiped out by all of the emotion involved.  It’s hard not to be around these beloveds and not spit out a few cuss words as to how someone could drop off this beautiful being.

Some people I know are so disappointed and disheartened by the human race because of how they treat animals.

We all know, those feelings are not helping us or, more importantly, it’s not helping the animals that are in this situation.

I put together a 3 part free EFT series called Rescue is not a Breed.   My intention is that we get out of our own emotional states with regard to the overall rescue world.  When we come from a less emotionally charged place, we have an amazing way of helping the animals to get seen in their best light.

When this happens, they are going to attract their perfect people.  And harmony, right off the bat is more attainable for their newly adopted animal.  Integration with other animals is more likely when an animal is coming out of a hopeful, upbeat environment.

I would love it if you joined me throughout this very special teleseminar series.  If you can’t join me on the call live, sign up anyway, and you will get the recording later.  It will be a very powerful experience as we all work on clearing out our negative emotions through EFT.

EFT is a healing technique that quiets the nervous system, spurs emotional healing, and helps physical pain as well as performance anxiety.  It is done by tapping on the meridian system of the body.  In Chinese Medicine, each meridian is associated with an emotion.  By “tapping” through the series of points through the meridians, the overwhelming feelings and emotions can be mitigated.

The dates are:  Part 1 September 30th, Part 2 October 7th and Part 3 October 28th 5:00 pm PST.

Part I – Releasing our projections – Going into a shelter or even just thinking about rescued animals can overwhelm us.  Once we look out and eliminate our projections of fear, sadness and trauma about the animals in shelters and rescues, we enable them to have more ease, present themselves in a better light and create a faster adoption rate into their forever home.

Part II – Releasing our judgment at home – Our feelings and judgments about the rescue animals in our homes can create bigger behavioral challenges.  This week gives us the opportunity to look at our part in their challenging and naughty behavior, thus disrupting household harmony.

Part III – COMPASSION FATIGUE – this is for the tireless volunteers and staff at rescues and shelters that need a little lift in their energy field because they are inundated with the tragic trapped emotions of both the humans and the animals in the rescue world.

If you miss the call, there will be a recording, so sign up now!  Sign up here:



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