Astrologer CA Brooks comes out of the closet as an Animal Communicator on her own Radio Show!

CA Brooks of, the premiere psychic hotline, admitted to going through my Professional Animal Communication Mastery course with Communication with all Life University!  Long before she joined my program, she had been a professional psychic and an amazing astrologer.

I was CA’s guest on her radio show, Simple Tales on today.  It was a very fun show today.  She really revealed the expansion we are going through currently with regard to Jupiter and all of the amazing magical moments that are lining up for us – if we watch for it.  About midway through the show, I turned the tables and interviewed her about going through the CWALU program!

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Make no mistake, while CA is an excellent astrologer (and a great writer for Mark Husson’s Power Peek), she is also a very accurate and thorough animal communicator.  She has enough Border Collie in her, like I do, so she’s not going to “leave it” until she’s completely examined the situation for you and your animal companion!

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