Initiation, White Lion style!

children-of-the-sunThe trip of a lifetime to the Global White Lion Protection Trust certainly delivered all of the magic it promised and more. As I come home from dolphin trips and people ask me 10 million questions, I always say I have very few words to describe the experience because it is such a non-verbal communion to begin with and the words we use in our reality, simply fall short of being able to give life to the experience. And to add to the mystery here, Linda Tucker, the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust has a rule that no pictures are to be taken. So you have to be present. All of the lion encounters were very meditative, contemplative and present.

Linda Tucker’s initiation into the White Lions was no small adventure. In fact, it is a chilling story of her being out with family and friends in the Timbavati bush, and as they were leaving at night, their car broke down. And they found themselves surrounded by lions. Out of the bush came a Shangaan Shaman woman walking between the lions with her grandchild. The woman fearlessly led the driver away, on foot, to get another vehicle as Linda and friends waited to be saved.

mystery-of-the-white-lionsOnce home and in her real life, Linda tried to relive and imagine that some woman walked between lions like that and it set her upon her quest to find out how. Which led her to the White Lions and her initiation took her to the point of no return, becoming a voice, an activist, a protector of the White Lions, thus starting the Global White Lion Protection Trust. Her story is shared in her book, Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God (Hay House)

I was driven by the book to connect with Linda Tucker when it was published. I reached out, suggested bringing a group for animal communication and I never heard from her. So when Tamar of Avatar Adventures contacted me because she wanted an animal communicator for a trip to the White Lions, it was simply a matter of when!

Not only is Linda Tucker’s story riveting but her undertaking is epic. She talks about a conscious eco system and she talks about that which she knows. . . she has created an eco system for several white lions, some of the only white lions left in the wild. Linda and her partner Jason, a lion conservationist, have an arduous task ahead of them between opposing canned hunting, poaching and fighting for conservation of the land.We were lucky to have some meals and very engaging, lively discussions with them about their plight and the future of lions and wildlife in general.

The first night there in the camp, as I was snuggling into bed after a very long drive, I could hear the lions roaring, big deep throaty calls…..I could feel they were so close. It didn’t scare me, I found it exciting, and like a kid the night before Christmas, I couldn’t wait to wake up.

Game drives were generally around 5:00 am. The first introduction with the White Lions, we were lucky to have Linda and Jason with us. We had a lovely meditation led by Linda and being deep in meditation, eyes closed with lions within feet of the jeep was an odd combination of being fully present, aware and yet, completely swept away with the experience.

The next several days, we didn’t have Linda with us, and as the facilitator, I was leading the meditation. They were definitely magical and educational encounters. I will have future blogs about some of those other days/experiences, and magical day we spent at Kruger National Park. Yet, here, I want to share the “initiation” our pride had on one of the final days.

It was a late afternoon game drive. We were out in the bush and came upon two brothers, part of the royal pride of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. Regeus and Letaba. We stopped, the jeep was turned off and I began the guided meditation. Many of the meditations I led were similar to dolphin meditations or other guided meditations for working with or communing with wildlife. Yet somehow the white lions and divine guidance had me channeling information that me surprised as it came out of my mouth. And this particular day, was one of those surprises.

file-nov-27-11-49-00-pmRegeus and Letaba were just 10-15 feet away on the left side of the jeep, sunning themselves, not really paying much attention to us as we showed up. Letaba was on the left, Regeus on the right. The meditation began as it normally did, I took the group through several moments of feeling grounded and yet connected to the earth and the divine, and the white lions. Because I knew these two were truly ambassadors and teachers, part way through the meditation, I suggested that we connect telepathically to see if there were any messages from these two, starting with Letaba on the left and then Regeus on the right. I remember saying, these messages may be universal/global, personal or pedestrian. (Pedestrian? Where did that come from?) And then we might have some messages, blessings or healing energy to send back to them.

We started the communication with Letaba. Everyone that shared their experience later had the same experience I did. Letaba had a rather light hearted almost joking sort of sense about him. While my message was personal to me from Letaba, it was definitely light hearted. Regeus on the other hand, sitting there on the right had a very serious, lionhearted, direct messaging for each of us. And before I could suggest in the meditation that we give back and sit in the information, Regeus got up and started walking toward us. Now, I didn’t know who else besides me had their eyes open (yes, I have been known to sneak a peek during a meditation – even at John of God during a psychic surgery), but I could hear people’s breathing change and I knew that others were watching a large male lion, apex predator walking straight toward us.

Personally, this was perfect for the very profound message he gave me. Watching him saunter toward us was both heart stopping and heart opening at the same time. This experience was truly shattering some thought form I was hanging onto……as he walked straight to the jeep, and then turned to the left and walked alongside, so close to the jeep that I could see the scars on his face. He was so close that I saw the hook in his tail, the little bone mass that was once thought to be a claw.

He wandered and plopped himself down in equal distance on the other side (the right side) of the jeep. Now we were anchored between two Apex Amabassadors, two of the royal pride, two lionhearted leaders and we were in a vortex of love. That part of the meditation went into a state of bliss that almost nobody could speak of. It was like a psychedelic freedom, each breath with the heartbeat, the first stage of the initiation.

And then Letaba (still over to the left of us) got up. He circled the other direction around (behind) the jeep. He was a little slower, he had to check out some bushes behind us before he decided to be full circle and lay next to his brother. Right before he plopped himself down, he came over to the right side of the jeep and peed. And there was the pedestrian part. I realized right then, where I channeled that from, this same guy that was giving out lighthearted funny messages, had the ultimate message. Later one of the guides told me that his peeing next to the jeep like that was really claiming us as part of his pride.

In those moments during and after the meditation when they were now on the other side of the jeep and had gone full circle, it was evident, we had been initiated, white lion style. There is something about a circle, or circling that creates the vortex to drop into and create an imprint on our hearts. And in that space, you won’t come out the same.

I had a very similar circumstance, a circling that initiated me into dolphin world.

The pride of women that came on this trip were a powerful group. This initiation is still reverberating through my dna as we speak. As I speak to each of the other women, they too are integrating this very powerful experience. I had to spend 10 days on the couch with a cold – a great time with my dogs and cats if the coughing weren’t so painful. I had to be with the experience.

Once again, like the dolphin trips, I have no words to describe the circumstances, the feelings, the experiences, what we encountered. I just know that I am different. I am better. I am lion hearted. And it is like stepping into a really powerful place that while there is no roadmap, it is familiar, because no matter where I go, there are white lions anchored on each side of me. One light hearted and funny and one packing a powerful reminder, not a whisper, but a roar in my ear of whom I get to be now.

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