Four Ways that Expectations get in the way of Animal Communication, Part 1

019 (2)Whether we want to experience better communication with our own animal companions or work as an animal communicator, expectations get in the way.  Here’s how:

1.      We don’t think we can do it!!

Somewhere in the back of our mind, we have doubt.  This is old.  It is an old concept but it has a grip on our confidence.  If you can move this sense of doubt aside, momentarily, you can create space to receive telepathic messages.

2.      We have an agenda – we want an outcome that serves us!!

We have an agenda with our own animals, for sure.  We feel like we want to be validated for all of the ways that we try to make our animal companions happy!  When it comes to communicating with others, often, we will have had a great idea before we even communicate with the animal and we spend a little too much time trying to conform to that concept.  It helps us to be right.  By dropping our agenda we naturally drop the judgment.  The animal and their human have more of a chance with naturally coming up with solutions.

I don’t believe animal communication is ever wrong or right, it is levels of accuracy.

3.      We think we’re only going to get a finite amount of information

Sometimes we think our own animals certainly aren’t going to tell us much.  We feel like we are going to get a finite amount of information, maybe only a yes or no answer.  Or when we approach someone else’s animals, we come to it with a certain resistance, imagining that they won’t tell us what we need to hear in order to help them.  And it’s just not true! They may speak volumes, literally!

4.      You think you can learn animal communication for others but you won’t be able to do it with your own animals.

what if I told you animal communication is a skill - CopySo then there is that expectation that we CAN do it with other people’s animals but we can NOT do it with our own.  The truth is, with a little practice, we can do it with our own animals.  You’ve been communicating all along with your animal companions!!  Why not make it more conscious? 

Behind all of this is one simple fix, and that is: get to neutral. 

By getting to neutral, all of our personal stuff doesn’t matter.  When I’m doing an animal communication or energy session, I have to get out of the way.  People aren’t paying me for Joan’s opinion.  But in the actual animal communication session, by staying neutral, I am a conduit between the human and the animal.  Now, after 25 years of doing this, I have a few ideas and I could write Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True) and I even share ideas in my first book Communication with all Life.  At the end of the session, I may review ideas with the human end for remedying the situation.

I tell my students this all the time, if I am coming to the session with ideas of how to help the person fix the problem then I am not listening to the animal.  I am not neutral.

If I wake up in the morning and my right ankle is sore and then I get on the phone and talk to 9 animals through phone sessions throughout the day and all of them have a right ankle soreness, I am not physically neutral.

If I have had a rough day the day before and I am mentally exhausted and I get on the phone to talk to 9 animals through phone sessions and all of the 9 animals  I talk to are mentally exhausted, I am not neutral. 

If I have experienced a fair amount of loss in a week between people and animals and I get on the phone with 9 animals for phone sessions and all nine animals are experiencing grief, I am not neutral. 

I know it sounds a little extreme.  But several days a week I am on the phone with clients and it is my job to get neutral. 

Several times a week I am on the phone hearing my beginning students and my advanced students giving readings and it is their job to be neutral.  I am a task master for getting them to be as neutral as they can. 

And I want to be neutral for my students.  I don’t want to bring in last Tuesday night’s call to this Tuesday night’s call. 

What are some of the ways to get neutral?  Meditation, exercise, activities that help you practice getting out of your head.  Being outside.  Nature.  Going to a movie or reading a book that has a different perspective than your own. Being creative.  Cooking. 

When we break up the natural path our mind follows (our neuropathways) we make room for a different thought, maybe even someone else’s pictures, words and feelings to enter into our own busy freeway of thoughts and feelings trying to get airplay.

Again, whether you are trying to better your skills with your own animals or this is part of your work, see what it might be like to be neutral, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Part 2 I will share more stories to illustrate.  Maybe you will see yourself in the stories!!

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