Better Animal Communication Tip #10: Creating a Safe and Sacred Place

How do you create a safe and sacred place for your animals?

03.5You have to ask yourself whether you have a small business and you are shy or you work for someone else and you can’t speak out, or you have a big exposed life and you feel like home is your safe space, are you creating that ultimate emotional, mental, physical (and yes) spiritual safe space for your animals? If you are, then you are really blessed.

But for the rest of us that are truly affected and empathic, know that you are not alone……the world has some bumps whether it’s in your personal life or you are a news junkie. Our home must be a safe environment for us and our pets. When we make this safe – or even better, sacred – our animals feel this.

When dealing with a health challenge or a behavioral challenge, safety is everything. The more grounded you are in your space; you are creating more opportunity for healing.


If grounding is a challenge, there are many tools you can use. Crystals are a quick fix – it is a simple, faithful tool facilitates and grounds this ancient wisdom. Animals respond to this earth/magical energy even quicker than we do!

Essential Oils might be another great tool to recreate the space. Another great tool for recreating the energy in the household is Feng Shui.

SS1My old cat used to walk through the apartment and say “This place is a dump”, if I had papers out!

Make note of where they feel comfortable hanging out and then enhance that space for them. We want our homes to be that step beyond safe, to be sacred. We have chosen regardless of our spiritual belief, to take on this sacred moment with this animal……into this unspoken world.

Of course one of the best tools to create the sacred space is prayer or

SS2Either way, a safe space for you and your animals is that place where you can ask for help outside yourself.

See Video: Creating a Safe/Sacred Place

On behalf of me and my animal companions, daily, I cheerfully endeavor to integrate the following:

  • Say what I mean, mean what I say
  • Take Emotional Leadership
  • Experience Quiet Time
  • Experience Fun Time
  • Exercise my animal companions
  • Be the GREAT person my animals think I am
  • Execute obedience/boundaries several times a day w/all species
  • Teach my animals new tricks
  • Celebrate the fact that we are all here now
  • Create a safe and sacred space

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