Better Animal Communication Tip #3: Quiet Time

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Quiet time alone can lead to amazing results. If you were to just be for a moment and allow who they are into your own being for a moment, you may experience words or feelings that aren’t yours.

I hate to say it but there are very few original thoughts. As I say in my book, Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator, we are all one mind. We are constant receptors for all of the information flying around in the world. We are also, constant senders.

Unless we are aware in this world what it means to be of One Mind – we don’t realize what impact we have on the world around us.

So in order to say what we mean, mean what we say; in order to have emotional leadership, in order to be the great person that our animal companion thinks we are, every now and then, we need quiet time.

When you can quiet your mind, you may notice the impulse to go on a walk – however, it is not your own thought, but a mindful loving request  by your animal companion. You also may find that a fair amount of your thoughts are not your own. This is a great place to discover how clear you are.

Sometimes just being in our animal companion’s space with them without any of the mental loops we all tend to have, without any of the feelings that haunt us is all they have been waiting for. Being able to just be instead of being a human doing is a powerful place to develop our intuition and awareness.

If this is something you want to deepen, you can find my downloadable Mp3 or purchase a CD of “Communication with all life guided meditation” on my website:

With everything there is balance. So once you have sat in your favorite chair and exchanged concepts, once you have decompressed from the day with them, once you have felt your existence with them on a profound level, it’s also usually time for some fun. This of course means mutual… Tip #4: Fun Time!

How do you do quiet time with your animals?

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