Better Animal Communication Tip #6: Be The Great Person Your Animals Think You Are

Here is Tip #6  in my “10 Tips to better Communication with your Animal Companion”

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Be the great person your animal thinks you are. Animals share with us the gift of unconditional love. It is something that we as humans forget to do for ourselves and our fellow humans. What a gift they offer us even when they are naughty!! They think we are so great. The sun rises and shines around us. There may be no other place on planet earth that you experience that feeling when you walk in the door. Revel in it, however, also, remember that you are that. Be the great person your animals think you are. If you can do that here, it will only emanate in the rest of the world.

If you are over the moon about your animal companion and he/she feels that way about you – your animal doesn’t have bad judgment, it stands to reason that you are that. You and your animal can say to yourselves I am that, I am.

Start with that sense of love that they offer us and offer it to yourself and if you can – share it with others.

In the wild, whether predator or prey – their three jobs are safety, food, procreation. In domestic society for the most part we have taken away the procreation through spay and neuter (that is said with no judgment). As a result, we have also tempered some of the wilder instincts. So their safety and food is in our hands.

Again, we are the sunshine of their lives, regardless of the emotions, past behavior, etc. Therefore, we have to be that.

It is a good time then to step up to the plate. Or ask for help from someone that can help you. Find the simple things in your life you can be grateful for and start to refresh your thinking.

IMG_2242Your animal companion is looking at you like you are the greatest thing on the planet – go ahead and soak it in and give it back. Or even better, start paying it forward to others as well.

Allow your animal to share with you how great you are. If you are one of those that don’t trust a dang thing a human would tell you then sit down and listen to your animal…  Tip #7: The Importance of Boundaries and Obedience

What do you do to Be The Great Person Your Animals Think You Are?

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