Better Animal Communication Tip #7: The Importance of Boundaries and Obedience

How do you set boundaries and obedience with your animals?

Animals play when they are young whether predator or prey to truly exercise their ability to hunt or get out of the way quickly when they get older. They also play because they are young and silly (remember those days?) Whether it is a herd, pack, pride or flock they soon discover that play only goes so far.

2The elders of any pack, pride, herd or flock soon put the young into alignment. Yet the young continue to play and whoop it up until after enough times they meet the boundaries of that particular leadership. Make no mistake, they are searching, craving those boundaries.

1.5That is the law. Animals are not stupid if they don’t get it the first time. Au Contraire. They will continually push the boundaries until you set it in stone as an elder in their species would. Because we are now multi-species households, you have to be the elder, even if you want, crave, need fun. Introducing Structured Play – it’s conscious fun.

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