Better Animal Communication Tip #8: You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

How do you Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

You can teach an old dog new tricks! I say this for one thousand reasons, just a few being:

ToDNt11. Our Animal Companions need constant
stimulation whether that is emotional – love or mental or physical.

2. They are waiting on our every breath – even if they are the aloof types.

So even for the 20 lb. cat that is 13, NOW is the time to recreate that chase game. Now is the time to learn natural horsemanship with your 23 year old gelding that you can’t ride anymore. NOW is the time to create a 3 foot catch game with the dog from the couch.

That is for our elderly animal companions, but there is also the concept that even the middle aged won’t learn something new. Let me tell you, they are waiting to.

ToDNt3Your horse would cheerfully engage itself in a new way physically if it had some idea of the big picture. Your dog is probably waiting to learn something new – even if they run the joint. Your cat is actually waiting for some deeper engagement.

Their participation with us goes much deeper sometimes than humans do because they offer that unconditional love. Therefore they would love to be engaged more with us mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – if we are at a place to allow that.

This is more a reflection upon us. Therefore, taking Emotional Leadership, Quiet Time, Fun Time and Exercise –even if for just three minutes, and creating a new trick or ritual could be amazing. See Video


Speaking of rituals… Tip #9: Celebrate!

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