Betty Ford called and you can bring your dog and cat to Treatment – 5 ideas to help you hold your New Year's resolutions!

Tis the season to make resolutions to be fit, healthy, rich, fall in love, be more in love with our present partner, be more present, be grateful, have more joy, fall in love with our own self or to at the very least take baths with baking soda, minerals and sea salts every third Thursday.  All of this lasts for…….well, not through the year. 

Some years, the list is exactly the same as it was last year.  When we quit, we confirm that resolutions don’t work.  It’s awesome. 

What if we made our cat, dog, horse or bird our accountability partner?   Here are some simple ideas to help you hold your resolutions this year.

Try a new Recipe – I know I love to try something new all the time.  I love to read new recipes, always with taste and health in mind.  There are so many great books out there now on pet recipes or how to combine species specific raw food – make a commitment to getting healthy real food into you and your animal companion.

Hikes – I know my dogs and I love to hike.  We go the same old trails though.  I recently bought a new book on dog hikes.  Try out a new hike once a month.

Dancing – Dancing around the house enlivens the whole household!  Dancing with your horses is big fun!  Some cats love to go for a little spin.  Dogs get excited and can dance with you.  Dancing is just plain old good for the soul.  And, it’s good for the soul of a household.  It’s almost like cheating your way into fitness!

Playing – Who doesn’t need to play more?  I know taking a few minutes out each day is great for the mind.  Having no agenda except for fun creates more space to be more productive in other ways.  Playing makes the other resolutions not seem so hard.  We have something to look forward to! 

Present – Being really present with your animal companion is sometimes all they are asking for.  It is what creates a deeper bond.  With some animals, especially horses, being present is about being safe as well.  Ultimately, if we are present with our animal companion, we remember why we bother bettering ourselves to begin with.  We do it so we have more quality time with them!



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