Beyond Stephens – a little gratitude


This is a shout out of gratitude for Stephens College and the Beyond Stephens magazine for such a great article.  I was reminded this morning when a fellow alum “friended” me!  A friend had posted the article with a cool shot alerting me to the great article.  Then it was a bit of time before the magazine arrived in my mailbox. (Oh, that moving thing!)


I am so grateful for the support.  A few years back, I got go back to campus and do a book signing with my first book “Communication with all Life” (Hay Hosue), I got to teach animal communication on campus and work with the equestrian department.  It was so much fun!  Stephens is one of the first pet friendly college campuses so I was able to see that many of the dorms were full of dogs and cats as study buddies.


While I was a theatre major, I was also down riding any given chance I could.  At the time I rode hunt seat.  (Who knew, yes, dressage people, I jumped!)  So when I got to visit, I actually rode saddle seat for the first time in my life and found it to be a blast.  I’m not giving up my dressage saddle anytime soon, but wow, was I surprised!


We packed a lot into that visit.  It was so fun and nostalgic to wander around campus.  Perhaps it is time for another visit……..An “Energy Healing for Animals” (Sounds True) book signing, and a  little more animal communication on campus!


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