Boston was so much fun!

Boston 02

The Animal Communication Summer Camp @ Circles of Wisdom just outside of Boston was so much fun. SO MUCH FUN. We had a great compassionate group of animal people. I love watching each person as they follow the path of thinking they might be able to communicate with animals to communicating with animals and then on to advanced communicating with animals.

The EFT for animals course also has that amazing advancement. Each step of the way people get better, better and then really better.

We were so fortunate that we got to then communicate with animals at Strongwater Farm Therapeutic Riding Center. We certainly had some magic with the horses at Strongwater and were welcomed by the humans. Horses that give over to the service of helping veterans and people with varying disabilities are horses that I love to connect with and give back to.

And lastly, we spent two full days in Animals in Transition which was dealing with our grief and communicating with animals that have passed. We also took a deep dive into all the various stages we go through including that final state of grace leading up to the transition into the other side.

We made a beautiful memorial to honor those that have lived with us. As always as sad as the class appears to be it is often the most uplifting and fun.


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