Creative Tools for Harmony in Your Household #5: Hierarchy List

Hierarchy List

             When I used to have a session with someone and I sense the animal that they are requesting the reading for has taken over the household, it’s time for a Hierarchy List. Often I will see that a new animal comes in and even if it has a dominant personality and will end up leading, it’s still time for a hierarchy list to create a little respect between the animals.  Just writing out the order often helps the person remember not to allow the household to get out of control. Then posting the list around gives subliminal messaging to all those humans that can read! 

             A woman named Betsy called because her daughter Amy had moved in to her home with her big dog, Annie and her toddler due to a divorce. This was causing quite the upset with Betsy’s dog. April. In fact, there were damaging fights between the two dogs that involved vet visits. These were both seemingly docile dogs prior to the move.  And if I recall correctly, the dogs were related.  At the very least they were the same size and breed and thought to have been from the same mother.

             While the emotions were high for Amy in her divorce and the young child was unsettled, Betsy’s dog was the brunt of all of it. And it was her home!  The first thing we did was create a Hierarchy List.

             Betsy (Mom), Annie (Daughter) and Toddler



             It seemed like an impossible situation. Yet, I got a call from them that not long after my visit of sitting there on the floor with all of them, the dogs were back to being friends.

Excerpted from Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House, 2007)


Always put yourself on top of the hierarchy list―you and your spouse or other adults go on top equally, then kids, then animals. The animal list should be in order of appearance, as in who came into the home first. Again, when someone new enters the household and has a “takeover artist” archetype coursing through their veins, this is a great way to show them where they truly fall in the family.

Just as a side note, kids always have to go above the animals. This is particularly true if kids come along into a household where a dominant animal has lived for years. As babies become toddlers, they frequently chase or poke animals (as toddlers do). The hierarchy list helps the animal to remember to be tolerant; or to be young again and jump out of the way!

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