Creative Tools for Harmony in Your Household: #8 Visualization, Pictures and Animal Vision Boards

Creating the vision is the first step to change.

We often get caught up in the frustrating behavior sitting right in front of us. Or we take for face value the diagnosis the veterinarian gave us. We have choices. We have possibility. We have opportunities to turn that behavior around or to experience a miracle healing.

One of the first steps is creating the vision of the behavior or level of health you want. These are a few of my favorite ways to do it below:


This is a very powerful technique. If an animal has been ill, visualizing its recovery is very helpful. Many of my clients have used visualization to help their animals recover, and it’s a powerful tool for behaviors as well. Picture the behavior you want to see, and you’ll be creating new neuropathways, for something different to happen.

At one point along the way to getting Rollie comfortable with the trailer, I used a powerful visualization that included feeling of joy and pride for his accomplishment of walking in easily and effortlessly. It did the trick! The very next time I loaded Rollie into the trailer, it was picture perfect. And I was proud of both of us!

In preparation for visualizing, I have my clients take a few moments to fill their auric field with love, so much love that they are practically bursting. I have found this to be a very powerful precursor to the visualization itself.


Pictures can be amazing tools. If you Photoshop or cut and paste an image of the outcome you want and place it where you will regularly see it, you can shift the morphic resonance of your household.

Clients of mine with animals that don’t get along sometimes take pictures of the animals sleeping and place those photos on a couch. There are your animals peacefully together on the couch. Why is this important? Sleeping is the most relaxed and trusting state an animal can be in; when they’re asleep, they trust the universe. Animals sleeping next to each other trust each other.

Place the picture you’re using to create a shift in as many locations as it takes for you to view the image often. That way, it will permeate your subconscious, creating neuropathways in your mind that will eventually become a reality in your home. The refrigerator, your desk at home and at work, in the car, and next to the sink where you brush your teeth are all good places to inspire your unconscious mind.

Another helpful picture to use is one of the animal in its prime, as you might use on your altar as well. Whether it’s a picture of prime health, behavior, or performance, it’s a great way to remind yourself to reflect this picture of confidence and wellness back to your animals.

Vision Boards

This takes visualization and pictures a step further by assembling several images in one place, and it’s a great way to inspire yourself to do a little bit more. It is very dreary in the Seattle area where I live, and it’s all too easy to talk myself out of riding. That’s why I keep a vision board of beautiful dressage riders in the barn to motivate me. I also have a vision board of peaceful horses on the trail to inspire my horse Gabrielle to chill out on the trail!


Excerpted from Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True, 2015). To purchase Joan’s book on Amazon Go Here.


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