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JOANCATBALLLOLong before I was an animal communicator, like you, I was communicating with animals. When I used an animal communicator, it was all about deepening my connection, deepening my relationship with my animal companion.

I know if you’ve been following me for a while, you are empathic and probably don’t like small talk. Even with humans, you are looking to deepen the relationship. (That’s why my intensives are so fun – stay tuned for pics next week!)

Back to the animals…….even if you are the type to simply talk weather with other humans, it’s probably all about the fact that it challenges your activity with your animal companions OR it changes the barometric pressure changes, thus shifting your animal companions digestion.

Either way, we like deep relationships. Especially with our animals!

Even if you never study with me, I want you to know the basics of how this all works so that you can improve the harmony in your home with your friends!

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 3.21.20 PMBecause of that, I have a book club coming up where we will review my first book: Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator (Hay House).  Here is an excerpt:

Animals communicate telepathically to each other―when they are tuned in. Of course, they were all also given “voices.” These can be used as attention signals for each other or for us. If you have an animal companion, you likely will know the difference between your dog’s bark, your cat’s meow, your horse’s neigh, or your bird’s coo when it is saying, “Hey, hey, hey, hi, hi, hi;” or “Look at me;” or even ”Oh my God, I can’t believe you don’t see this!” Of course there are a million other greetings or demands. A Jack Russell terrier may feel really small down there and need a guarantee of acknowledgement, whereas a Border Collie may bark to move someone through a crowd.

Sometimes, though, our understanding of what our animal companion is trying to tell us is lost in translation and our communication with them goes awry. It may be an illness or a behavior that has us baffled. Or a horse that is supposed to be a soul mate is bucking us. Or we have a cat, the sentry, the overseer of all and yet he still urinates on the couch. Or we have a beloved family dog that nipped the neighbor’s kid. Or perhaps we have such a profound, intense relationship with our animal companion, we want to know more. How many of you would love to know there’s deeper thought going on than just, “Throw me the ball?”

ToDNt1I certainly don’t mean to diminish the value of “Throw me the ball.” Au contraire. Decompressing your day with a lively session of fetch may be just what the universe ordered. And when else do we grown-ups allow ourselves the time or the space to enjoy something like that? In our world, it doesn’t appear to be productive. However, who better than your animal companion to share the opportunity for a smile, a laugh, a moment of precision, of joy, of … well, I could go on and on. Perhaps it’s just a moment to share with no identification, qualification, or quantification. Only adult human minds need to define these moments. Kids and animals have cornered the market on fun and free feelings. Why not enjoy them, too?

By the time somebody connects with me to have a consultation, they may very well want to do it for pleasure, fun, or entertainment, but more likely it’s the result of a behavioral or physical situation. I might add that I am usually the last call for help. Some of the problems are herd/pack related, some are people problems. For the most part, it’s fairly likely that the issue will be a people perception problem. When we look at that concept, we can say that either:

• I’m looking at this strictly from my perception, my belief system, and actually projecting all of my experience on to what appears to be a problem.

• I’m focusing on what appears to be a problem therefore nothing will change except that perhaps now I have a bigger problem!

So to get beyond those hurdles, why not employ telepathic communication? Telepathy is the forgotten original communication. As a baby you were dependent on it. In the beginning, sounds, screaming, crying were simply a way of getting attention or a plea for help. Eventually we learned words and as our language developed, our telepathic muscle lost tone.

But still, telepathy is going on all the time even if you aren’t fully aware of it and whether you like it or not. It’s evident when you tend to speak in code with your friends. This goes beyond intimacy; this is the passing of images back and forth. Even in the days before it was confirmed by caller ID, you often knew which friend or family member was on the other end of the ringing phone. So many of us have had an experience like that with a loved one.

And you don’t even need an intimate connection. You experience telepathy when you have been able to finish a complete stranger’s sentence. Then there are times that through a rough form of pantomime, you can figure out what a foreigner is asking, and are even able to give them directions. Although aided by the physical gestures, the coincidence of you knowing what they need, or the just good luck of being able to figure things out, again, I believe a series of pictures has been passed back and forth between you.

IMG_2260Telepathy knows no time or space. When you are having persistent thoughts and can’t get someone in another country out of your head and then a letter from them appears in the mail―that is no coincidence. That’s you being tuned in. There is no beginning and no end to it; it just is. It is happening all the time; information and images being received and sent like ocean waves.

Telepathy can be active or non-active, so it’s not like you have to sit and do telepathy. Your state-of-being can be sending something whether you are aware of it or not. This is why when you are in physical pain or are sick, your dog or cat will frequently want to take care of you. If you are emotionally hurt or are fearful about the security of your job, that day your horse may be even more protective of you going over a jump. If you are distracted or can’t concentrate because you are overwhelmed by your thoughts, one of your animal companions might be more entertaining to get you out of your head.

swarm 0Our state-of-being attracts or repels people and animals around us. It is our frequency, or vibration, transmitted by our emotions, thoughts, or physical condition. This could be as basic as the fact that you smell funny from taking a medication, or that you’re depressed from taking a pain-killer. Either way, the larger world around us and our own microcosm—home—respond, just as we are constantly responding to the stimulation, frequency, or vibration of what we are exposed to; say, a spouse, a boss, a friend in a tough situation, a traffic jam, Fox News …

As to the “why” of telepathy, I believe it has to do with the interconnectedness of every form of life.

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