Electrolytes for Humans and Horses

When it comes to summer, the heat is up. One of my favorite Dynamite products is Dyna Spark, Dynamite’s electrolyte for horses and dogs. Understanding how electrolytes work is like a giant chemistry class. It’s actually pretty amazing. The overly simplified version is: there are a few minerals in our bodies that are considered electrolytes. Potassium, sodium and calcium are “electrolytes” that become ions and conduct electricity in our bodies. Heat, sweating, working and healing from an injury, illness or even emotional issue can throw that electricity off. Dyna Spark or electrolyte products restore that balance. They help the animal drink more water and no matter what the temperature is, the body stays in homeostasis. Electrolytes are important in the dog days of summer and in the winter months.

And for humans, my favorite pH balancer AND electrolyte is Elixer. It has trace minerals and 60 elements in apple cider vinegar. At first, you may not be used to this taste, and then there’s a certain point where you want that taste in your water. 😊


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